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May 24, 2014


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Do not worry, if you talk to them will be able to inundarte with thousands of excuses that they will seem only reasonable that the only thing they serve is to cover his little perseverance. Pro: to have your own MLM business because you do not have to have a certain more or less technical studies or specific, or have industry experience, or live in a particular city or country, or an age or culture or economics. You will only need one computer, internet connection, it would be nice to have a phone, and a few euros or dollars to address the membership of the company you choose and to cover the expenses you will have the first or second month. Cons: these facilities people are very confused. The above does not mean you should not do anything, you do not have to make, read, listen.

Think they have done everything by the mere fact of investing the amount you have asked in the company. The latest I have is intended to offend anyone and please Consider it as a simple example, but you must be very wrong to think that a plumber has not been formed, has not learned, may not have studied at a university, but surely has spent years as an apprentice to an expert who has taught all the tricks and codes to be better at their profession. Which do not require such studies, does not mean that I formed you in your work, therefore in MLM have to train you and learn.