March 5, 2021


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After I inserted the necessary code in my template looked like bread crumbs. I was not arranged, and I decided to make the following changes. Increase the font size to move to the right and down That's how simple it is pr assistance faerbaga. Firefox has to open the page you want to edit and run Firebug (click Tools -> Firebug -> Open Firebug or press on the picture below beetle browser window). Below the window appears, Firebug, in the left window select html in the right Style.

Now the left hand side you will open the page html code and style rules are responsible for this or that element. In the left pane, moving wood blocks html page code blocks found responsible for the item, in my If a block with "bread crumbs". Notice if your code move your mouse over the tag (such as div or p), Firebug highlights the item to your site, so no problems with finding the element in code should not be. Once the desired block is found click on it and on the right side Firebug'a appears all styles of acting on this block. Now in order to increase the font change setting font-size to 15px and see how the font directly in front of "bread crumbs" is changing before our page. Teck also click the right mouse button next to the parameter list and the pop-up menu, select New Property and add a new option font-weight to the value of bold, that we have changed the font to bold. You, of course, change and put their parameters, can change anything, do not worry Firebug itself does not change anything in the source code of your page, it only changes the page shows you, post-page update all the changed settings back.

Picture clickable. It now remains to deal with displacement. If that's what we did, I can still be done without Firebug'a, then the existence of parameters such as padding and margion I had no idea, well, everything in order. Now the right side of Firebug Bookmarks Layout shows "layers of marking" will call it so. Again, when you hover the mouse FireBug us all the highlights. At random expose the desired value as you need, in my case padding-top: 12px; padding-left: 10px; and "bread crumbs" shift down to 12 pixels and 10 right. The picture is clickable. After setting all parameters Firebug will automatically add in html code in the left pane, all styles (itself an html file it wrong). In order to apply all the changes left to collect all the changes, I got style = 'font-size: 15px; font-weight: bold; padding-top: 12px; padding-left: 10px;' and add them to the desired location in the template or add a stylesheet. All I showed you how to easily edit templates without deep knowledge of html and layout experience. Firebug has a very More functions, and with his help very easily how to develop websites and edit ready, thank you for your attention.