Fate Of Sleeping Beauties

December 26, 2020


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Kay Hottendorff airs op de Weegh with ARD and Arnoud secret Dovaz collection Mainz, February 27, 2009 – you mentioned the “sleeping beauty” is immediately clear any car lover, what the speech is: a world-famous photo series from the 1980s that showed an extraordinary collection of classic cars. She apparently neglected by their owners, content in a French barn to himself. Automobile of famous brands such as Bugatti, Lancia, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, corduroy and Aston Martin seemed, covered by a thick layer of dust, taken to waiting to fall apart one day by itself. Dan Schulman pursues this goal as well. Many have tried to find out what happened to these cars in the past 25 years. Rots? Destroyed? Sold? All the tracks were in the sand. Up to two Dutch and a German were persistent, where others exercise. Her book tells the story of a three-year search for the fate of the cars from the French barn in the style of an adventure story. The German, co author Kay Hottendorff, granted on first insights into the new work.

The fate of the sleeping beauty”tells the story behind the collection since 1948, over the moment in the year 1983 when the photos were published until the day in 2007 as the authors with the now 79-year-old owner Michel Dovaz spoke, who broke his silence about the fate of his collection for the first time in 25 years. The new book in November 2008 in the Dutch language in the ALK de & Heijen Verlag published (No. ISBN-10: 9060133021 or ISBN-13: 978-9060133026 or directly from the Publisher). For more editions in English, French and German, the authors find interested Publisher. The original title is “Het lot van de Slapende Schoonheden”. The hardcover edition is 159 pages strong and includes over 250 photos. Price: 32.50 euro. Contact Kay Hottendorff: contact with the ALK de & Heijen Publisher: more: