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March 20, 2014


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Bringing worlds together the European Coaching Association as a driving force in Russia, not a lower target coaching-planet had the first Conference”at the end of February in St. Petersburg. ECA President Russia, Prof. Dr. Werner rain, had not the courage to invite both coaches, mediators, company representatives and press to the first coaching meeting; “he stretched wide the range of topics with questions on the topic of coaching, mental training, leadership and mediation: we want an international platform of multidisciplinary thinking and acting coaches, trainers and mediators creating, which correspond to the basic ideas and the ethics of the European Coaching Association or close.” The Conference sees himself as an impetus to the development of the European Coaching Association in Russia and for the Russian market”, he said in an interview.

Widely travelled participants of the European Coaching Association in Russia almost 60 participants followed the invitation of the European Coaching Association and the publishing of Dr. Werner rain in cooperation with the Association of European businesses (AEB) in the Russian Federation and the University of management and Economics in St. Petersburg. Also Dr. Cora-better Siegmund, founder of the homonymous Institute in Hamburg and WINGWAVE methods Designer (author published by Dr. Werner rain) was part of the game. Also: Thies Stahl, psychologist and one of the pioneers of NLP in Germany and Prof.

Dr. Vasilij Below, head of the Department of psychology at the University of management and Economics in St Petersburg (more information on the ECA Web site). So the topics broadly, so widely-travelled the participants. So for example participants from Kazakhstan were found, a member of the submitted came from Siberia and even Kiev (over 1000 km from St. Petersburg). Bernhard Juchniewicz, ECA President showed himself pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the event: the sympathetic collegiality, concentration, communication, emotional acceptance and mutual appreciation was despite the language barrier and the different cultural Impressive roots. And the wide journey, which took some of the over 60 TN for the Conference, shows the enormous needs and thematic interest. The audience received the Conference a compass that helps you to efficiently combine leadership, development and building processes”, and on the basis of the 4 k: cooperation, creativity, contacts and communication”. ” To bear witness to the diversity and the spirit of the Conference, an extensive Conference band with contributions of all speakers will appear soon published by Dr. Werner rain. The European Coaching Association (ECA) is a Europe-wide networked Professional Association of professional coaches. Since 1994, the ECA for the education and training of coaches and for developing Europe-wide uniform quality standards and a professional image is engaged in the field of coaching. ECA coaches have committed themselves to the ECA – professional principles and their ethics. They can be reached via the Member search on the website of the European Coaching Association.