Engelsdorfer Publishing House

December 29, 2017


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Five years Engelsdorfer publishing house in Leipzig from the appropriate pressure to the eBook as of the Ammelshainer writer Tino Hemmann almost exactly five years ago rather for own purposes the Engelsdorfer Publishing House, founded he had not expected that it would take the publishing activity at some point every day up to 16 hours to complete. Five thousand manuscripts have been tested since then, published nearly two thousand of them, makes per year currently around 500 new releases, a quarter of all publications in the new Lander. One thousand two hundred authors from 12 Nations are always maintained. The Publisher in the Skane Gau road industrial area on the PC in Leipzig increased shortly before the fair to another 300 square meters, five full-time workers paid the Publisher now for your activity, busy but also book binders and printers, editors and Schreibburos. He not thought of these things as he at the tender age of ten years to write his first novel and the career than with Distance began the latest member of the former club of writers working in Leipzig.

A considerable part of the publications of his publishing house of the last twelve months was to see at the Leipzig book fair in 2009. \”Hamed regrets that the Leipzig book fair pushes more and more commercial aspects in the foreground, the publishers are for all to checkout asked read more recently for readings in the context of Leipzig\”. The words of themselves writing Publisher: The exhibition brings little counted the individual publisher. See and be seen is the expensive hobby. Learn more at this site: Goop, New York. In contrast to the mainstream media and book groups a small publisher must develop hard every tiny success themselves.\” And he adds: as in any other industry have become the major cartels in the main media press, Internet, radio, television involved, often have a financial base, which makes clever review advertising Bestsellers Books, which are literally giving the people.