Emotion Coaching

January 6, 2014


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ME: Sometimes emotion occurs. The feeling, emotion flow flow taken without thought to the extreme. The sensitivity and personal and interpersonal emotional states are the engine of direct action. Aware mechanism away from a closed circuit: feel, think, feel, action, where remains of inner calm side, in which lies the quiet wave of emotions that can achieve the commitment. Thus, access platform, emerging clarity that makes the circuit to be unveiled at each of its stations (instances). Mental digestion of emotions can reduce impulsivity through our ability to record our experiences, emotionally decoded, recognizing that I am and what expectations they generate. The eye, the means by which allows us to interpret, second by second and receive subjective images of what happens or we pass from the outside world impacting, unconsciously or consciously, in our hearts, in the limbic of the binomial: fear, love, establishing the affective domain personal and interpersonal.

Interpretations of action – reaction, are good at times but are immediate responses, which arise from the heart of emotional turmoil. They stimulate the daily traffic flow on congested consciously. Flow, transformed into visceral impulse of impatience and anxiety. The affective domain concerns led reflective, they run inside our parasympathetic nervous system decreases heart rate, and the sympathetic nervous system increases heart rate, two-way joint action of the autonomic nervous system. Two branches that create functioning heart coherence. In other words, the consistency between what is said and done to create unconditional responsibility because ultimately it is always the one who operated against those circumstances that occur.

One chooses to do what you want because that is what seems best according to our values and principles. To think that all this can be quickly affected by our emotional turmoil before automatically generating a reaction stimulus-action setting aside the choice that our inner voice says. As a result of the unconscious: the enthusiasm, creativity, love, fear, generate awareness but not smooth evolutionary outcome. In search of the north compass that lets you route the conscious energy to translate the mental plane emotional turmoil into effective action. Find the right not to let it take over the natural emotions of our being to restore contact with the inner sensitivity and thus not living directly from them. In order to achieve inner expressiveness and debug wounds left by those emotions such as sadness, fear and anger to set aside and analyze their benefit and not its cost. Think you can do so far and know that you can not is also power. Processing the information received and to analyze what is happening and thus find the desired action and effective. So if I: am emotion, pure I can not effectively share the thoughts, messages and ideas to communicate with my emotions because embestire verbal or flee with them to a shelter. This is so inevitable. When it does, the proposal is that the mind active observer's eye will assist in identifying the emotional turmoil, identifying each of the stations closed circuit: feel, think, feel, action. Finally remembering that what happens, will inevitably occur but what you do with what happens that generate change. Thanks for reading my lines, just wanted to share what I reflected.