Education Technologies

February 6, 2020


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TECHNOLOGY AND EDUCATION Nor all the technologies invented for the man are excellent for the education, however, the technologies to be able amplify them sensorial of the man and extend its capacity of if communicating with other people. Exactly thus still it takes advantage a prejudiced concept on technology and education, therefore many relate technology and computer science (computer), not considering the fact of that: ' ' human being, the writing speaks to it, and, consequently, lessons, books and magazines, not to mention resumes and programs, are technology, and that, therefore, educators come using technology in the education it has much time. It is only its familiarity with these technologies that eles&#039 becomes them transparent (i.e., invisible); '. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Thredup. The use of didactic resources the most common in the day day of the professor including questionable methodologies, as expositivas lessons, have as objective common to reach the educational objectives considered by the resume planned for the school. The academic study it comes to offer the possibility to review concepts, in this in case that showing that the technology engloba all the set of concrete or abstract factors that they intend to brighten up any type of physical or mental human effort, becoming such more practical and realizable tasks in the lesser possible time. The use of any technology, instrument of education or methodology used with educational ends must allow that the person can become gradual subject ' ' autonomous worker in its learning, somebody capable thing to always learn to the measure that construct its projects of life in the personal plan and social' '. (A valuable related resource: Jeff Gennette). However, today he has a supervaluation of technologies which has renegado to the professor the honor place that has busy since the times where education was not systemize. The education today wastes ' ' the most precious of all resources the professor, making of it mere supplier of information, when it would have to be a organizador of situations of aprendizagem' '. .