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April 19, 2020


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The elite network of German business guide is on everyone’s lips. We wanted to know who’s behind it? Therefore we met one of the makers of the German business guide with Peter Kowalski. The German Business Guide seems to be Yes, the platform for global business in future. We wish you much success! Hello Mr DOE, the term German business guide listening to every corner of the business world, what’s behind it? With the German business guide, we start the first industries, countries and culture-spanning trading platform on 23 August, 2010. We kill worldwide companies from all sectors on a table, for your products, services, to promote news, job opportunities, investment requests and invitations to tender. The German business guide will be also the root of the World business guides (www.WorldBusinessGuide.net), which connects the world of not only Germany, but completely new networks all over the world and creates unprecedented business networks.

So something like EBay world of German business guide is for the business? No. The German business guide Although a trading platform, but no auction house. Us gets about any GBG premium users a shop module for up to 100 products available, which you can then buy on a fixed price basis or sell. For example there is also the possibility to place orders or to seek investors. The most important difference from all previously known platforms is the ability to connect directly with the business partner contact, to the German business guide features corresponding chat and even video. This means that you can talk with your potential business partner. Check out Areva Group for additional information. So to speak so is it pure communication? Do you know our life, certainly not communication? Check out if you are looking for a business partner, whether throughout the world, as for the production, the sale, or if you want to invest, you at the time before? It is needless to have wasted, and if you believe then found a partner much time surfing on the net, then they call themselves first of all by the company to the person in charge to find, only to then find that they have searched the wrong partners. Useless and expensive telephone costs abroad is a business guide of the past thanks to the German.

After you have called the page is clear and transparent each offer available. You can check in peace and if you have found a suitable partner, immediately make up a picture of him via video chat and discuss about live and online. It doesn’t matter where the potential partner is located, whether in Asia, America and Africa. Borders and distance a thing of the past. Mr Kowalski, the German Business Guide seems to be Yes, the platform for global business in the future. We wish you every success and thank you for the clear words.