Dynamic Processing

November 5, 2017


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We can see that both subjects have built your self from fundamentally different technologies, first as individuals, then as different sexes, followed by different social and economic environments. Without hesitation Andrew Cuomo explained all about the problem. This makes CFLs a person whose technology is based on the effort to get on their own and deserved a place, being representative of the resistance and the art of living referred to the article by Garcia Canal. We note that compared to FGV, she makes no mention of happiness as an ultimate goal but continues to build according to the other (first nuclear family, after their partners and children and finally it). LFC, as seen through his narrative fails to be defined. We can interpret that remains in your search. While FGV, we can conclude that it has much of the path as their rights are recognized without question. There is, as I struggle but a becoming, a life choice that has not been deflected by external agents How yo.a its own explicit in the discourse of both: FGV is concise and practical, its contents are fluid, direct and LFC are dense, retailers with a broader emotional speech that if we were to represent them graphically, a would be linear up and the other would be full of ups and downs.

In FGV, we see how his mental construction engineering is betrayed in some of their responses, for example, when a quantitative answer to the open question: Are you satisfied with your life? Thus, the subjectivity of both has been the result of the evolution of the events that have enabled them both your way of thinking, of speaking and acting, each through a different technology of the self. These technologies have allowed themselves to them on their own practice hermeneutics, allowing them to reflect on their actions and behavior modification: LFC, continuously, reflect and change, giving meaning to their experience and producing meanings. The relationship itself will form the basis of technologies of self. And technologies allow FGV I do, on their own and with the help of their environment, through certain transactions on your own a OESI , the processing in order to achieve a state of happiness, which is its major life goal. .