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January 13, 2014


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Simply it did not know what it was doing. Now I know the reason and I stay firm and consisting of the paid publicity, which takes step following 6. I measure everything! Here it is where many fail. They invest in a bulletin but they do not know from where the client came. They invest in publicity and they do not know if the one that it bought were thanks to the publicity.

In aim. They do not measure its advertising, gratuitous or paid activities. I measure everything! From my assistant who distributes my articles until the places where I put my articles, the alliances with others and my bulletin. I measure all it because my time is gold and if it does not serve I discard it to the strategy. Results of my investment? 12% of which they see my announcement in Facebook click. 24% of which they visit the landing page register to the bulletin. 50% of which they register end up buying.

In summary: if I invest $100, I do $200. If I invest $1.000 I do $2,000. This is excellent! Clearly. Now it is only necessary to continue modifying to increase the percentage in all the areas. That is publicity. If it is worth the pain to sell it, it is worth the pain to measure it is my motto. But I confess to you: still I feel fear, but with this information in my hands I feel released because I know that what invests I will recover it I measure if it. You would not like to do the same? To be 100% insurance which for sure, when you invest in publicity, you will know the results obtained? Then everything is a system, and for that reason I ask to you How you create an effective advertising campaign? What them you say in the landing page so that they take action? What you do so that the maximum of people buys what you sell? And how you reduce advertising costs? Then that is my new service of Deprived Coaching of one hour. It now visits this connection and permteme guiarte towards more clients with less advertising expenses and fast results.