DB Optimizer Eliminates Vulnerabilities In SQL From

January 3, 2021


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DB optimizer eliminates out vulnerabilities in SQL database new Embarcadero tool ensures higher performance Munich with the new DB optimizer by Embarcadero developer and database professionals can help again from immediately under-performing databases to more performance. The tool finds errors in your SQL code and harmonize the processes. DB optimizer find, diagnose, and optimize quickly the vulnerabilities in the database. He eliminated the so-called bottlenecks SQL statements that take unnecessarily much time and improved so the operation of databases and applications based on them. The’s DB of optimizer from Embarcadero is a SQL profiling and tuning-IDE (integrated development environment). With the help of request statistics such as CPU, I/O and waiting times, the software can analyze targeted specific SQL statements and optimize them for problems. DB optimizer works with all existing database tools and prevents any loss through thorough troubleshooting.

Other features of the DB optimizer: graphical visualization of waiting time analysis: Hereby the places in your SQL code can be made out, that are responsible for a slowdown in the database (bottlenecks) drill-downs with hyperlink access to detailed information about the activity of a SQL statement explanatory schemes help to understand the execution of SQL and to be able to assess the costs in real time error repair: inefficient SQL versions are automatically detected and corrected (for Oracle) batch tuning of DML statements, stored routines, entire SQL files and system global area (Oracle) platform-independent: supports Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase databases “is a golden rule in SQL: the output is always only as good as the input.” So there is not worse than to work with weak SQL code. The negative effect is noticeable in the performance of the entire application”so Thorsten Raab, Chairman of Blue Harbors, a global SAP consulting company. “Since we use the DB optimizer, we can data-intensive or regular running requests better identify and optimize each problematic statement. “And that definitely increases the performance of database-based applications.” Michael Swindell, Vice President of products from Embarcadero, provides more useful products in Vista: the DB optimizer we present the first of several tools, we are planning in the near future for our customers. The focus is for us, that the users can improve the performance of your applications on all along the line: on the client, on the server, as well as in the data banks. Embarcadero provides a complete portfolio of platform-independent optimizer, by the company combines the technologies of CodeGear and DatabaseGear. Thus we facilitate the work not only to the application developer, but also the database professional and thus increase the productivity of many companies.” Availability: Embarcadero DB optimizer is now available worldwide. DB optimizer can be purchased directly through Embarcadero or through the worldwide network of partners. Press contact: PR agency Xpand21 Doris of Orlando Langley schulstrasse 21 80634 Munich Tel: Web 089-12007277: E-Mail: