Day Work

August 24, 2019


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Very often a person has a clear goal, there is a great idea, but when it comes to implement them, then gradually lets people. The main reason for this is that people have a bad handling processes in your life (do not know how to organize their activities and therefore can not make their actions effective and optimizirova; nnymi). There are many reasons, but you can bring them to the fact that people are not quite clearly understand the cycle of any successful and complete action, as well as the reasons for which they face literally impenetrable (to form) walls for long-term effects If you have been all right with the first two paragraphs and questions in them, usually at the realization of your ideas and achieve your goals arise serious difficulties. Thredup wanted to know more. Now I am again with the help of questions will point you to the main causes.

Consider each question below as a hint the direction in which you need to “twist the screws” and to establish their own business. Answer each question: yes, no or not sure. Do you think you have enough time in the day you spend on your work to achieve their goals? Do you always finish first, some previously initiated processes before moving on to new? Do you keep at least three time-consuming processes at the same time? Do you get pleasure from all stages of their work (beginning, continuation and conclusion)? Do you like the whole process or only some of its parts? Whether you are deprived of habit often distracted during the performance of a work process for one or several other less critical processes? Can you always bring to the end of each business for which you take? Answer please feel free to those questions honestly, because the only people that you can cheat here – it’s up to you.