Customer Satisfaction Is Their Business

November 2, 2016


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Whatever your business is – you’re really in the business of satisfying customers. The degree of customer satisfaction to deliver determines the level of long-term success achieved in business. Make customer satisfaction a top priority Do not just make sales. Read more from Former CIA Head to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Create customers – satisfied customers. Besides providing immediate gain in the first sale, satisfied customers help you build your business in other two important ways: 1. They become a reservoir of repeat buyers.

For some businesses that means repeat buyers for more than one product or service. For all companies, meaning buyers of products and services. 2. Automatically refer more business with you friends and business contacts. This is a very profitable business for you because it involves a loss of time or money to get it. Never promise more than Deliver Never make promises you can not (or not) keep.

Nothing alienates customers faster than something less than they expect from a commercial transaction. They will not do business with you again. And they will tell everyone they know about their bad experience – it makes you lose future customers. Tip: handle customer complaints quickly and with a positive attitude. The goal of preserving their relationship with the customer rather than complain about their immediate benefit from them. It will reward you later with more sales and referrals. Always give more than what customers expect “Over deliver” on quality and service. Always exceed the expectations of its customers. You will gain long-term loyalty. It also makes it difficult for competitors to steal customers from you – even if they have lower prices. Clients do not run the risk of an experience of uncertainty with a competitor, when they know they’ll get more than what they expect from you. Tip: Sorprenda its customers an unexpected value. If you sell products, include a “not yet announced bonus” with every order. If you sell services, get in the habit of doing something extra for each customer or client without charging for it. Customers know how much they are valued. Let your customers know they are always thinking about them. Communicate with them regularly. For example, create some special offers for existing customers only. And announce new products or services to them before announcing that the general market. Tip: Turn your customers into publicity agents. Develop an incentive for them to tell associates and friends about the value of their products or services. A backup of them is more effective than any amount of advertising – and is much cheaper. For example, reward them each time you refer someone who becomes a client. Your reward can be as simple as a credit toward your next order from you. You are in the business of customer satisfaction regardless of what products or services you provide. Satisfied customers is created will help you build your business to become repeat buyers and by referring new business to you from their friends and associates.