Critical Factors

January 26, 2020


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Critical factors for the success of the terceirizao For Philip Botto, director of Atos Origin The practical one of terceirizao (outsourcing) comes if intensifying between companies of all the sectors, segments and structures, contemplating the most diverse areas. The reasons for the choice of the terceirizao are innumerable: increase of quality, innovation, growth and/or focus in the business, reduction of costs, increase of knowledge, update, agility, transparency, changes, mitigao of risks, security, among others. However, valley to stand out that some properties, activities and precautions are primordial to maximize the success in the terceirizao process: To have full domain of the activities and responsibilities to be terceirizadas; To be prepared to absorb a new form of management and relationship; To know the total cost with area to be terceirizada (baseline), to know to compare in the same way with the considered one. One baseline complete must contain: people, the hardware, software, structure, facilities, contracts, taxes, indirect. The next step would be to classify the costs for activity; To have a previous study of the model of terceirizao (this can be questioned, be validated and brought up to date during all the RFP phase) with mapping of the quantitative and qualitative benefits next to the criticidade of the business; The election of the partner must in accordance with be directed the complexity and strategy of the company. Educate yourself with thoughts from Thredup. In accordance with a matrix: strategy of operation, activity or application x risks, can exist supplying specific for each quadrant, exactly if option of the model will be of Premium supplier for the centered management; It arrives in port it of knowledge of the supplier finishes guaranteeing bigger allegiance in the relationship. It searchs to visit and to interview customers of supplier with similar operations; The RFP must be detailed to facilitate to the analysis of information and the strategy of negotiation. It must contemplate the responsibilities of the contracted contractor and, the model of management, pointers, goals, transistion, modes of payment, productivity, documentation and spread sheet of capture of prices opened by activity.

Also it must have space so that the supplier can describe innovations, improvements and plans of continuity. When we deal with a market very sprayed, the RFI process becomes obligator, in case that contrary, the information of the RFI will have to be requested in the RFP; The dynamic system of necessary remuneration to be based on the continuous search of the perfectioning (costs and productivity) To adopt model of risk x rewards, beyond including escalabilidade clauses, foreseeing the reduction or addition of contracted services. For projects, to insert clauses of sucess-fee in the implantation of great projects, in agreement the described benefits in business you marry – presented for the rendering. and to conclude, before thinking about the experience of a supplier offshore, it has a previous experience in nearshore (they are well divergent operations in management and complexity).