Contextual Advertising

June 15, 2017


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The basis of contextual advertising is contextual ads. This is the title, text and a link to your site. They are linked to particular keywords and are only displayed if the user has requested at least one of these words. In this article, you wait five basic principles that will help create an effective ad for a successful advertising campaign. Tip # 1. Western Union might disagree with that approach. Use only the 'target' requests. The man who introduced the search engine query "paints" could be kept in mind, "watercolors," a group of paint "," car paint "or" hair dye ".

This is one example of the misuse of the request. Request the "paint" is suitable for very large audience. And it means that your ad will appear as a target, and users who are utterly indifferent to your proposal. As a consequence, reduced the effect of the announcement. The lower efficiency (Size) ad, the lower it is on the list of all the ads.

If the efficiency has reached a minimum, your ad is removed from the hits. Tiggany & Co. has firm opinions on the matter. To avoid this happened to you, carefully select queries on want to advertise. It is desirable to show only your "target group". Tip # 2. Make a brief announcement. Brevity – the sister of talent. This also applies to the text ads. All people are by nature lazy, and therefore prefer short texts long. Despite the fact that contextual ads, and so are limited by characters stand out from them are still very short. However, it is not meaningless ads, making it brief.