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December 16, 2017


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With the commissioning of a founding consultant, 800,000 entrepreneur did already the first error. The Santiago consultant network shows what matters. Gorlitz, March 2009 (as) entrepreneur struggling in Germany, to find a good start-up advice. According to a study of the Stiftung Warentest as most of the initial seminars and advisory services for company founder has significant weaknesses. Of a total of 29 tested short seminars in the area of Berlin-Brandenburg only five reached a high professional quality.

Ten offers the technical quality was low or very low. The level of individual initial consultations for entrepreneurs, provided inter alia by Chambers of Commerce and industry and of consultancies, remained the tester also in most of the 102 tested cases under the quality requirements. Good advice is the exception, confirmed Andreas Schilling, the Managing Director of the leading advisors network in Germany. There are also these days each Consultant may call and lucrative scholarships for start-up advice there are many black sheep on the founding Advisory train jumped up, without having the necessary qualifications. Because there are numerous attractive consulting support for entrepreneurs. In addition to the sponsored Vorgrundungscoachings (80 h ) Grant rate 75%), the coaching after the establishment such as the KFW programmes (40h90% and 60h75% grant) as well as ACFA (30h75% grant) and Harald Wachter, who now heads a team of 10 qualified Santiago consultants in North Rhine-Westphalia reported various Chamber of Commerce and RKW consulting promotions. Harald Wachter is consultant all nationwide Santiago on the qualified training of advisors in the business models of founder of, financing and coaching of entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur plan specially designed by Santiago, which structured and graphically represents all tasks of the founder and creates the necessary safety in establishing this helps the consultants.

Here be planned realistically then also the founder of fitness in a short test and the important financial framework conditions. In doing so, accessed the consultants of Santiago on a database from now 2,000 foundations and can provide certified data the founder just at the target figures and the course of business. Andreas Schilling advises entrepreneurs invariably a Santiago find consultants for a free initial consultation, even if not always to cooperate, because of course the chemistry must be. But at least the founders know then in terms of content and conceptual where the bar should be, if he maintains with other consultants.