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August 28, 2020


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UU, but since the 1980s marched in the subject what has been termed the new materials and were able to build new chips, more powerful, more stable, more vibrant and faster and for less expensive high; one of the elements used was a thing called gallium arsenide, out of the usual silicon, only then. The introduction of these new elements was not born in telecommunications laboratories, but in those devoted to the physics and chemistry of last generation and then passed to the laboratories of the defense industry electronics and then companies that adapted them in the field of microelectronics for what were the first lap tops from the late 1980sas well as used in other things a little secret then.-this innovation boost the reorganization of a resource that is called radio frequency, topic meticulously aboard the International Telecommunication Union with the participation of the representatives of our country in paths Conferences of Plenipotentiaries and, also some company that had the virtue of knowing how to do so in the same place can fit other things, other services, other utilities that people are willing to pay, as it has been tested already beyond.-While these events passed, other developments built, among them the so-called convergence of telecommunications, sensitive issue because some argue that it hurts already acquired rights and innovation repeals as perpetual because of others who seek to use it, market it, i.e. Publishers Clearing House may also support this cause. to include it in the traffic law of nature commercial- and, at the same time, the international regulation of Union radio maintains its validity in public international law, and let it be known, no country has denounced it as necessary modifications.-the mentioned regulation clearly defines what is the so-called broadcasting service: is a radio communications service whose emissions are intended to be received directly by the public in general. Said service (that in) Argentina is not public service, but is in the public interest) _ covers noise emission, TV or other genre-the foregoing has inferred that if from receipt of the issuer is not direct, and for the case and for high-, used other frequencies which are not those of Broadcasters ITU reglara specifically as such, we are not in the presence of broadcasting; We are in the presence of something else.-now, if I have a terminal portable phone, called by the cell people, and receive text messages, then we are in what the ITU-R called in its definition or another gender.; And if there is no broadcasting because the text has not been issued by an issuer of broadcasting, but is in use of a band of frequencies corresponding not to a fixed broadcast service, but by another mobile terminal that generates will of a user, and such a text and handling is not then powers that indicates the law N? 22,285.- Then, in the theme of the text message, we are in what has typified as added value, added to that? This addition to the main service, which is voice on a mobile, in bands of different frequencies to sound or television broadcasting and regulatory framework specific; of mobile telephony-however, entrepreneurs have achieved that by removing that regulation indicates with respect to direct between the emission and reception in broadcasting, and take it to manipulate the signal and transfer to frequencies that correspond to the cellular mobile telephony, it is obtained that there is no direct reception by the general public, what is this well obtaining is greater added value to the main service and I can cash it and not broadcasting, which is open and free, but that only recepcionaran it my main service clients that added value; not only the frequencies are different, different regulatory frameworks, and without that violates in any way the Regulation radiocommunication international of the ITU, which is law in Argentina-is then, in my opinion, with the closure of what the exercise of the power of this police involving in the case, the Praetorian example of Mr juez Marshall, this discussion.-fundamentally, because what is discussed is who has the imperium of the exercise of the police power in the matteri.e.