Coast Gardens

August 9, 2020


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Today beginning a series of articles on the ground of our gardens So that to our they need it plants like support in which to be developed and to grow to at the same time to anchor its roots in him and to feed itself on its organic composition, combined with water, I oxygenate and minerals. Which is the ideal ground in gardening? The one that covers the needs with the plants of our gardens. First then it is to know the needs and characteristic of our plants, to know his origin can orient to us enough, to see if we can recreate its natural habitat including the type of ground. The needs much even vary in the same garden, some plants need grounds that retain the humidity, whereas others, quite the opposite, is developed better in drained grounds good. Another aspect to consider of the type of ground is related to the culture, and reproduction since for a same plant, the ground is not equal if we seeded seed that if we reproduce by gore or stakes. Exists a basic composition of the ground of the gardens? We can to say that if, plants as we said previously need a support, in which to anchor their roots, that it is the mineral matter (sand, burdens, earth, etc.), and a part of organic matter (vegetal and/or animal in decomposition (composting)) on which they are fed, and by all means basic natural elements like the air and the water. A serious composition basic in percentage: 45% of minerals, 5% organic matter, 25% of air and 25% of water. In the video plants and flowers of autumn, I show as very poor grounds as the sand is colonized by different types from plants By all means the sand grains allow to lock up in their interior much air, the proximity with laughed provides in this zone much water relatively circulating in layers near the surface, only lacks the organic nutrients, that in this case this dice by a natural composting of the leaves in decomposition of pines acacias and many other pulses that are born and die enriching the ground in the process.

How long it takes the process of decomposition of vegetables? This depends on many factors, the size of the vegetable to disturb, the action of microorganisms that accelerate the process, the humidity, the natural light, etc, But in ideal conditions it only realises it to the nature in a few months. In my next article it will explain as to recycle and to take advantage of the residues our gardens of form practical to turn them into natural and organic installment. (to see video) It crosses his sections and it regstrese to leave to his commentaries suggestions or to participate me in the surveys.