Coaching For Job Search

July 18, 2013


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Coaching is a modern methodology than us closer to achieving our goals allowing to develop us professionally and personally. With the help of the coach, apply a series of contests that help you think differently to how do it regularly, to improve your way of communicating and to deepen about yourself. We can define it as the art of working with others so that they obtain unusual results and improve their way of doing things. To generate new possibilities for action, allowing to obtain extraordinary results, can we use a coaching process for job search?. The answer is Yes, and we can agree on this objective with the coach, who will accompany us in this process of searching for a new professional project. The coach is trained to analyze any of our problems from another point of view, questioning our behaviors and decisions, helping us to analyse our attitudes, beliefs, speeches and reactions.

In this way we obtain a new vision, thus enriching our chances of employment in a search process. Coaching is one of the most effective tools to face a moment of change, such as the search for a new job, inside or outside our Organization, get a vertical or horizontal promotion, or carry out a change of work activity. A job search strategy is the first step. It is advisable that it consists of three different scenarios. A first scenario is the continuity project, which is defined as achieving the same or very similar work that we desempenabamos before in the same sector. A second scenario is the project of change, which includes finding a new professional project in a new feature or area that we have not played previously, being the different sector or not. And finally, the project of rupture which implies a completely different function in an environment or completely new sector, and that is part of our dreams, passions or hidden desires.

In this third scenario is where a coaching process can help us to question many of our beliefs that limit us and join us in the process of searching inside and outside. In this type of project we discovered that the profound knowledge that we have a hobby in particular can be a strong point for entering a new sector. For example the financial controller who loves basketball and sports in general, and is presented with the big sports brands selection processes to carry out an activity in sales and Marketing. In this case his passion for basketball becomes his best ally, and the coaching process can show you that you can get that post in particular, and giving it the tools to achieve this.