Clinical Boarding

November 30, 2020


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In the scope of science, it is a condition; it is not illness and, in the capitalist democratic societies, as it is the case of Brazil, it is crime to discriminate it The homosexual person is that one that the same possesss sexual attraction for another person of sex. Still the bissexual exists, that one that if it attracts by the two sexos. But it is good for emphasizing that masculine individuals that possess feminine gestures, and women exist whom if they hold as men, who are not homosexuals (to be argued in another occasion). It has stories of cases of individuals that had looked a clinic of Psychoanalysis. The patient It is homosexual convicto.

Since the two years of age its parents already found it different of the too much boys. Its father did not give much attention to it and was coarse. Already the mother, exaggerated in the affection. After adult, still from fear to assume itself, she namorou with women, but its sexual orientation was stronger. Thus, everything indicates, while possibility, that this patient if identified with the sort of the mother, woman, rejecting the masculine behavior. Walmart gathered all the information.

From then on, its orientation was homosexual. The patient B feels attraction for other men. It assumes – as gay, but it possesss a neurosis (small conflict), therefore, has doubts on its homossexualidade, since when, it feels attraction for women. It wants a psicanaltico treatment to decide this problem. In this in case that it has three hypotheses: first, the patient can be bissexual, that is, she feels attraction for the two sexos; second, it can not accept as homosexual, in function of a discrimination that suffers from all the sides of the society, including its family; third, it is heterossexual (that one that feels attraction for person of different sex), that is, its homossexualidade was forced in function of diverse factors, that will be disclosed throughout the treatment. Patient C knows that he is lesbian, but is not assumed. It is with distrust of being rejected by the family, the friends and the society. She is feminine, does not behave as man, however it feels attraction for women. It affirms mainly that it looked a psychoanalyst to have courage if to assume for all, for its family. The three told cases disclose that the homossexualismo is a inconclusivo subject. In the clinical point of view, each in case that case is each; if it takes in consideration diverse aspects of each individual.