Choosing Business Better

October 24, 2019


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Is it true the saying goes: “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are!” In fact it is! Environment shapes our reality is no less than we do! After all, the environment, too, we choose! Is the inverse communication. We fall under the influence of those people with whom we communicate. Let’s analyze! Tell me which of your friends, how many people whose income is above you in 2 or more times? And below you? And at approximately the same level? I guess your Reply! The first question is, 1-2 in the best case, a second somewhere in the same way, but on the third all the rest! Right? Do you think it’s an accident? Absolutely not! People subconsciously make a preference towards equal to or slightly below. Why? Only because if a person is more successful or wealthy, you will feel their inferiority compared to him, but it’s a bad ground for communication. Continue to learn more with: Governor Cuomo. Is that for the dependent relationship, but this is not included in the subject. Look another situation: If a woman is divorced, or her bad relationships with family, friends will be around, entirely divorced or not successful in relationships. Not all of course, but mostly. What I am is all? As soon as we choose environment for themselves, then the environment gets the opportunity to influence our attitudes and actions. How? Very simple! Remember the phrase: “become a rich and conceited!” “She’s married girlfriends so forgot!” Former friends do not forgive care of their rules, as it inevitably will, as soon as people moved to another level, and it is not conceit, not arrogance.