Choose Rack Ceiling

September 19, 2011


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Pinion Ceilings – a great opportunity to the original design various rooms. They are used in residential premises – in creating the interior bathrooms, kitchens, corridors and public buildings – restaurants, swimming pools, shopping centers, warehouses, etc. Modern manufacturers suspended ceilings offer consumers a set of models of different colors and sizes, so the choice of these products – not an easy job. For First you need to understand what are these ceiling coverings. Pinion Ceilings – a set of metal panels and suspension system, attached to overlap with the help of special needles. As a result, between the surface of the original ceiling and rack and pinion design is formed zapotolochnoe space where they can take a variety of communication: wiring, duct systems, climate, etc. At the junction of the ceiling with walls are used near-wall corners of the V-shaped or W-shaped type.

They not only play a constructive role, but also serve as decoration throughout the ceiling system. Types of slatted suspension potolkovReechnye suspended Ceilings are available in two types: open and closed. In the first case between the panels are longitudinal intervals in the future be filled by special inserts. This decision allows us to obtain original solution with a combination of two or more colors: the panel can be one color, insertion – another. They emphasize the basic line and serve as a wonderful decoration of interior spaces. ReykiPaneli called rails are made of aluminum or steel and have a protective and decorative coating of powder paint, anodized aluminum or laminated layer.