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April 16, 2020


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Now the cell body receives simultaneously the full range of therapeutic bioactive substances – as in the natural diet. Absence of reactions between components in the colloidal solution allows include the required number of plant and natural nutrients for maximum and comprehensive action on the body. 9. Colloidal form allows you to pick up the ingredients on the principle of synergy, that is, mutual enhance the effects of each other. As a result, colloidal fitoformula is more of an effect than the simple arithmetic Sum of components. 10. If you would like to know more then you should visit Areva Group.

Guaranteed absorption of ingredients provides a rapid and pronounced positive effect by acting directly on the cell, as well as improve the livelihood of the cells, affecting the extracellular media. This leads to rapid and sustained effect. 11. The initial uptake of bioactive components occurs in the upper gastrointestinal tract (oral cavity, and the initial part of the esophagus), which excludes the destruction of the biological activity of medicinal substances by enzymes of the stomach, intestine and liver. Company ad Medicine created a large collection of colloidal fitoformul analogues which did not exist not only in Russia but also in the global market. Company ad Medicine was created to ensure wide dissemination of colloidal fitoformul as additional tool physician, hence the name ad Medicine – 'complementary medicine'.

Long-term business strategy of the Company – to develop and produce unique, biologically active additives, using their own engineering and technology (ALT) – delivery systems for ingredients to the cell body. Capabilities of these technologies involve both the development and implementation of their own line of dietary supplements, as well as joint projects with other companies, including including the creation of these companies for the products of their own brands on a contract basis. Given the pressing social need for such products, the Company ad Medicine intends to expand its product range in Russia, planning within a few years to offer customers new and unique colloidal fitoformuly. Colloidal fitoformuly help achieve optimal health and maintain active longevity to thousands of people in different regions Russia and cis countries.