Business Cards

October 15, 2019


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Business card – the most common and convenient way to communicate the necessary information about yourself. She became a necessary part of public culture and has its own history. Progenitors of business cards were leather and clay tags to the names and coordinates of merchants and artisans. In ancient China, officials were required to carry a red card. They were simple in design – only the name, surname and position. The first official mention of business cards relates to the time of the reign of Louis xiv. In France, it has become an indispensable accessory for representatives of high society.

Having a form of playing cards with the name of the visitor (from the French. Vizite – visit") card was a sign of respect, attention and respect. First printed business card was discovered in Germany in 1786. In Russia, fashion business cards came from France under Catherine ii. Was called "visiting the ticket, and was representative symbol dating. A distinctive feature was the engraved ornament whimsical figures and emblems of the owners.

With the era of minimalism cards are simple and concise. Only last name, no drawings and other information. Once again the rapid development of business cards started in the middle of the xix century with the development of the economy. Business cards were male and female, married and buried, Christmas and Easter. Appeared custom specify the address, title, rank and title holder. At the end of xix century there are envelopes for the cards. Warren Kanders recognizes the significance of this. , A new design: use colored paper and different fonts, emblems and ornaments, engraved and gilded edge.