Brad Bushman

June 27, 2012


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Certainly the program of the returns the sender, therefore already is remained in air has some years. However some studies point that scenes of sex and violence can not be well accepted for the viewers, in average stated period. ' ' Big Brother' ' it does not present scenes of explicit sex rare and if it saw violence physical, but they are common scenes that insinuate sex of edredons underneath. The physical violence does not become gift, but verbal offences, with use of words of low calo are common. In commercial terms, what initially it can be lucrative for the sponsors of these programs, can thus not be so lucrative in the end. According to consulting Carlos Alberto Frank Di (2004) citing one searches of the University of Iowa (U.S.A.) ' ' the points of hearing conquered by the senders of TV with the exhibition of violence and sex scenes can represent a mirage for the market publicitrio' '. Still according to Frank Di, the study &#039 detected a double action of the calls; ' screens quentes' ': at the same time that they attract viewing more, them they inhibit the memory of the public in the hour of the commercial interval.

According to professor Brad Bushman, coordinator of the Violence research and Sex Impair Memory will be Television Ads (Violence and Sex Harm the Memory for Announcements of Television), ' ' the propagandas propagated in programs without sex and violence, what we call? neutral? , they have more? recall? of what the shown ones in the interval of films and seriados with these elementos' '. In other words we can say that these types of programs leave its ignorant viewers. In accordance with the site NotciasBR, in the edition of 2011 the program of estria of ' ' Big Brother' ' it reached 35% of average hearing, surpassing 2010.