Black Berry

December 22, 2020


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The circle opened between decision-making process and these variables denotes their great influence on the decision-making process. The individual determinants are: personality and self concept, motivation, information processing, learning and memory and attitudes. 3. The buyer decision process. The behavior of the consumer is defined as a mental process of decision and also as a physical activity. The action of the purchase is not more than a stage in a series of psychic and physical activities which takes place during certain period. Some of the activities leading up to the purchase itself; others are on the other hand, later. But as all have the virtue of influencing the adoption of products and services, they will be reviewed as part of the behavior we are interested.Based on the preceding information the environmental external can clearly demonstrate the characteristics of the Venezuelan consumer of the next manera:1-variable that you influence behavior.

Venezuelan here has its greatest weaknesses since their culture motivates you to be carried away by the external forces. (Source: PayPal). The country has been very variable in recent years in its main petroleum source product profitability, this has led Governments to be paternalistic kept away from reality the Venezuelan, example of this was lived some years ago when a political purpose sack to market a family (at low cost) car and realized in credit facilities. Consumers tempted by such comfort began to acquire vehicles in a way uncontrolled generating new problems today such as collapsed roads, creating a parallel market of purchase sale of vehicle, shortage of new vehicles, among others. 2. Individual determinants of behavior. The Venezuelan as an individual feeds a social status by which always looks for personal improvement and thus the acquisition of assets enabling it to increase its comfort, being in some cases unnecessary, as an example, is that last year went to the Venezuelan market Black Berry, last generation phone designed for managerial levels, this impact on the consumer being the first consumer of this product at the level of Latin America, Venezuela currently above Brazil and Mexico.

This again demonstrates a weakness in the Venezuelan consumer. 3. The buyer decision process. Venezuelan buyer is very loyal to the brands which evidence a fortress that has allowed him maintain an attractive level that foreign companies marketed in the country. The Venezuelan buyer is by nature compulsive and is influenced by external means which makes it an excellent candidate in marketing studies to develop products in the country. However last year the consumer has had to control their budget due to a disguised inflation that has taken over the main consumer products influencing the capacity of consumer spending. That is why the Venezuelan consumer has reduced expenses in a belt adjustment produced by misguided policies that have led to the squandering of the oil bonanza. The Venezuelan economy is highly variable by relying almost exclusively on petroleum became a rentier country therefore the spending of the Venezuelan ira depending on oil income, if this low spending will drop creating conflicts in the profile of today’s consumer.