Basilica Of San Francisco El Grande In Madrid

July 23, 2019


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In 1217, Francis of Assisi founded a convent at the same place where this wonderful basilica stands today. This convent was demolished in 1760 by the Franciscans to build a much larger Temple, a project that initially was commissioned to Ventura Rodriguez but which was finally awarded to Francisco Cabezas, who in 1760 began the works. For technical reasons, heads had to abandon the works continuing Antonio Plo, who completed the construction of the dome in 1770. The works completed in 1784 when Francisco Sabatini, one of the authors of the Royal Palace and that he had joined the project thanks to Carlos III, ended the main facade and its two towers during the story, the temple has had various uses: it was hospital in 1812, was infantry barracks in 1838 and was national pantheon for 5 years, time during which here rested the remains of Calderon de la BarcVentura Rodriguez or Quevedo, among others. Canovas del Castillo drove a profound renewal in 1879, in which decorated her Interior with paintings that we can admire today in the basilica the Pope John XXIII declared minor basilica in 1962 and is therefore one of the 3 basilicas that are in Madrid during the 20th century has also experienced several remodelings, which have had closed to the public for decades until it became open to the public for the enjoyment of all the people who want to admire this temple which has the third largest dome in 2001 of Christendom. original author and source of the article