Anthony Images

February 2, 2020


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For Amet & Ganz (1998), the Computerized Cat scans generate images with volume of digitalizada information giving the option to observe, in three dimensions, the ssea anatomy (axial, panoramic and oblique cuts). If they will be necessary necessary measures, these can directly be taken by the images of the Computerized Cat scan, had its ratio to be of 1:1. Each image allows to visualize sections of 1mm of thickness, resulting in a necessary anatomical configuration. The three-dimensional images show the ssea height, the thickness and the length of the place for the rank of the implantation. For Anthony (1999), the general principles of Computerized Cat scan are similar to the ones of the Linear Cat scan, in which the pipe of rays X and the receivers of image are moved around of a focal point during the exposition. The primary difference becomes related it the use of computers to reconstruct the focused image or ' ' corte' ' tomographic received for the image receivers.

Freitas et al. (2000) they had affirmed that the job of softwares in association with Workstation, independent with a connection with the computerized tomgrafo has made possible bigger rapidity and versatility in the attainment of images of better quality, having allowed a reprocessamento of these images for a diagnosis clearly and adjusted in the planning of treatment. According to Spiekermann (2000), since the advent of the Computerized Cat scan, one was overcome possible to create three-dimensional representations of segments of arches edntulas destined to receive implantations. Similar to the cat scans, the expositions are made in an only plan (it requires of 20 the 30 layers of 1,5 mm of thickness). However, with the aid of a special computer and softwares that they allow reformatao to multiglide of the image, the three dimensions of the space are produced plain of sections in all. Of this form the Implantodontista has to its disposal panoramic transversal cuts and oclusais images of the existing ssea topography.