Aminatu Haidar

January 31, 2014


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16/011/09 The Saharan activist Aminatu Haidar launched a hunger strike in Lanzarote airport and the Spanish Executive behaved very watered down way, offering solutions that could not be interpreted by Morocco as a support to his people, even to be cited by a court as imputed in the provocation of public disorder and do so without considering that their life was running a serious risk. Very differently the Spanish Executive involved in the starring the murderous terrorist, De Juana Chaos hunger strike. At that time life was the first thing, above legal and moral considerations. But nobody can argue that two very different attitudes towards a same fact adopted. By What? Anyway, striking the repercussion that won the case of Muslim Aminatu Haidar and the muted with that of Christian Asia Bibi, being addressed while the international community has been asking for his freedom, including of course the Pope in Spain. Our nominal Government, conspicuous by his silence. Where are now those of the eyebrow in support of the life of Asia Bibi? It is not that in the hunger strike of De Juana Chaos and of Aminatu Haidar, was not in game the Supreme value of life, but the difference is that theirs was a voluntary act in defence of political positions and to Asia Bibi they want to kill for the sake of not wanting to surrender to be Christianas they have already done with others. What had been organized by the Spanish media and allied groups on the left, if we hadn’t dared to prosecute Islamists who occupy public spaces to perform their religious rituals on a daily basis? Centuries-old traditions we deal as it is to honor the custody in the capital Imperial Toledo, and by order of the Minister for the first time, Carmen Chacon were abolished military honors in the procession of Corpus Christi.