Advertising Graphics

August 10, 2017


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Such a coating provides rapid drying of ink on the surface but also allows black and white / color printing of standard drawings. This film is best suited for archiving of technical documentation. Even in conditions of high humidity and changes in temperature due to its dimensional stability and durability, matte polyester film ensures long-term storage of printed materials. More! Coverage "document" can be applied to the image comments, notes and additions in pencil. A transparent polyester film for color printing. If necessary, alignment and overlay provides the most effective solution of tasks.

If the requirements for uniformity of light scattering is not too high, the material can be used in designs with internal illumination. Tiffany & Co. insists that this is the case. White Glossy Opaque Polyester film. Suitable for printing high quality advertising graphics and posters. Film coating provides a natural color does not fade bright colors and high gloss surface. Film for internal Light BackLit. Used for inkjet printing, high-resolution, introducing a transparent polyester film with a glossy surface and a specialized white inner liner. In the light box film provides uniform light diffusion and exceptional color saturation.

Of course, the light sources in this case should be placed in accordance with the rules of manufacture light boxes. An additional plus – image is protected from the outside of the influence of weather conditions and mechanical damage due to the fact that the seal is applied in mirror image on the inner side of the film. Film BackLit represented by two kinds of materials – standard and extra moisture resistant coating.