April 15, 2019


Comments Off on Adaptation

We must combine the adaptation with the generative learning. Learning that increases the creative capacity and the satisfaction of the people. Our indoor coaching game goes beyond the adaptation to change. It deals with the most effective way to govern successfully, which is to create it. You can learn to see it as an opportunity rather than a threat. You will learn to feel part of a broader creative process in which you can influence without controlling it unilaterally.

You can become a change agent and achieve sustainable results. In any learning, the systemic approach is today more necessary than ever because the complexity overwhelms us:-have ability to create more information than anyone can absorb. -An interdependence which is very difficult to manage are being encouraged. -Also it is very difficult to follow the speed of the changes that we are promoting. -This escalation of complexity is unprecedented in our history. The complexity can be of two types: the dynamics and the detail, with many varieties.

In the dynamic complexity the cause and effect are not coming in time or space. Obvious interventions do not produce the expected results. The systemic perspective helps us to understand the dynamic complexity. It helps identify the underlying structures and behaviour patterns that are hidden by the daily activity and the incessant bustle that characterizes contemporary life. It shows us that conventional solutions fails and how we can make valid actions. We’ll see and experience in the two module. The inner complexity of details coaching game returns incomplete all rational explanations. Human systems are very complex. We cannot understand them at all. There are enough experiences that we have cognitive limitations. Our conscious mind can only address a small number of variables each time. The complexity of detail is resolved in the unconscious. It is what we call the inner of the coaching game.