Adam Smith Economy

February 3, 2014


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IV) Economy Politics Economy politics was a term originally introduced by Antoine de Montchrestien in 1615, and used for the study of the production relations, especially it enters the three main classrooms of the capitalist or bourgeois society: capitalists, proletarians and large estate owners. In contraposition with theories of the mercantilism, and, later, of the fisiocracia, in which the commerce and the land, respectively, were seen as the origin of all the wealth, the economy politics considered (first with Adam Smith) the theory of the value-work, according to which the work is the real source of the value. In the end of century XIX, the term economy politics gradually was changed by the economy, used for that they searched to abandon the class representative vision of the society, rethink it for the mathematical, axiomatic and valorizador approach of the actuais economic studies and that they conceive the value originated in the utility that the good generated in the individual. The economy politics deals with the study of the wealth of the nations. It searches the causes that make with that nations are richer of what the others. Its purpose aims at to study the origins of the poverty to find the solution tending to reduce each time more the number of poor persons in the planet, at the same time it helps to find the best forms of the remuneration of the work. Chemistry teaches in as to discover them substances useful, as to discover for example the oil and other resources.

In turn geology teaches in them as to discover and to extract minerals. For W.Stanley Jevons (1835-1882), in its workmanship ' ' conomie Politique' ' , it defines this science as a knowledge branch that exclusively deals with the wealth in itself. For another one, the economy politics deals with the study of the consumption, the production and the use of the currency.