A Vodka In Murmansk

November 8, 2023


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In the winter with motorcycles to Murmansk preparations for a journey which leads with motorcycles in the winter to Murmansk stupid idea, to drink a vodka in Murmansk, to even in the winter. The idea makes interesting again to try the arrival to the Russian city on the ocean, but with motorcycles. Mid-February start Heidi and Martin Franitza, Ulrike, and Fritz Busch with two motorcycles with sidecar to this unusual tour. The North Cape is on the travel plan first, then they’re going on to Murmansk. The return journey is planned via Finland. “Who loves the nature as a motorcycle rider, which is expired also winter”, explains Martin Franitza his intension for this project.

10 years ago, he had been together with Helmut Hermann in February at North Cape. “My wife opted for the book was” icy slopes and snow flurries (ISBN 3-9804814-1-7) excited. Now we want to experience this adventure together and extend the route to Murmansk.”Some radio stations have already become attentive on the project. “We will be reporting live from the cold,”so Martin Franitza. “We have planned at least in cooperation with the radio stations. Let us hope that the motorcycles and the technical equipment also hold the gate tour.”Snow storms and temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius are not uncommon in the area of the Barents Sea this time of year. A vodka in Murmansk, which is a bold but grandiose adventure that can be tracked via the website and the accompanying diary. Martin Franitza