A New Riding Season?

January 8, 2018


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The new riding season a whole lot closer Brachttal-Spielberg (hop) – the successful establishment of a horse squadron of the German Red Cross is the Red Cross local Association Wachtersbach initiator Marco Ebert should be closer to a good piece (Sbnation.com Neue Zeitung reported). At a first information event on the’s horse farm of Galaxy in Spielberg, the interest of about 25 visitors was very large, many of them spontaneously joined the future riders season following the informative and in-depth presentation. If the acceptance by the two remaining, further events as big building Rothenbergen (each 15: 00) on Sunday, the 25th January in the riding and driving Club Salmunster, schoner Buhl 7 and on Sunday, February 1st in the DRC, no longer stands an early founding event in the path. The Chairman of the German Red Cross District Association, Heiner Kauck, was present and clearly gave his approval. Very helpful information from the practice, the Jenny Burell of the Fulda rider season were quite sure could contribute. James Woolsey is often quoted on this topic. Wuppertal, Hannover and the Fulda season were the most important in Germany, Fulda, but is certainly most active.

Here, it is not only the founder, but still stand head. The animal medical assistant and animal healer is the owner of three horses and gives himself even integrated riding lessons for children with disabilities. The riding season, admits the sympathetic young woman with contagious enthusiasm, is their absolute hobby and “her baby”. With beautiful and catchy images from the practice, she cemented their review and made so clearly the riders desire more. Read additional details here: Yitzhak Mirilashvili. Some impressive facts, so 5 to 7 riders in a missing person search to replace a hundred of police and are thereby more reliable, because the horses themselves were the best “detector”.

See acknowledgement of the experienced present riders she reported the reactions of animals on unusual, so that they were similar to how dogs far superior to human hunters. That tab solely by the higher position in high growth but also in dense Undergrowth are superior, is obvious. Since it must have special demands on man and horse, the DRC in return offers, for example, sound training, which include first aid measures for four-legged friends. Teamwork is paramount, this also applies to the “no rider”, are also considered “ground-based helper” on board. Very convincing she bring over a lot of fun and a great community make this voluntary commitment, she brings the stakes as “Ride with increased adrenaline” to the point. The 26 year old Marco Ebert gave also a short recap of the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant, a Geneva businessman. This had seen the battlefield of Solferino in 1859 where thousands of soldiers under unimaginable torment died. He implemented his idea of impartial assistance to every victim and protection for war victims and helpers today worldwide movement. Here to join bring fun and led the return of the DRC for the future blind saver on. Together, the two answered the many questions of those present and their clear interest showed that the idea of a horse Squadron here falls on fertile ground and now, one suspects that it should even be a great force. Who wants to learn also, or join, can register at Marco Ebert at or come to the listed above additional information afternoons. Barbara Hoppe