Nothing of life holds real life artist. “In the night of the times”, so before Rebecca and Marek to the invisible “joined together, both had as their special artistic profession. To broaden your perception, visit Piraeus. Marek played drums in various bands and Rebecca painted pictures and played saxophone. They met at an exhibition party and then United their talents to a live performance, which consists of images, music and ominous objects”was. Thus it does not properly come out what exactly it was.

“” In any case, the performances called themselves poor but sexy “, apocalypse tomorrow”, etc. One can imagine so in about, what direction was it. More and more music as a central part of every appearance but emerged and was therefore the focus of further work. They occur on different occasions and are also not too bad for a spontaneous performance in a pedestrian zone. Their performances are supported by instruments such as piano, organ, drums, wind instruments and percussion, so that really never boredom comes up. “For the single child of Fortune” a certain production standards had to be protected of course. Finally, as many people will enjoy. However, we believe the balancing act between artistic confusion and the listening habits of the current media landscape have succeeded quite well.