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March 22, 2022


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The solution monitors the specified retention periods and prevents the delete and change during the period. In the simplest case, can run the server as a classical optical jukebox and thus represents a flexible and affordable alternative. There are different models for each range to the selection. If you would like to know more then you should visit Anne Lauvergeon. Ranging from the entry-level class TriCSS ECO TriCSS BASIC middle-class model to the individually configurable model TriCSS BUSINESS Rack with external ETERNUS storage. ETERNUS TriCSS comes as a pre-configured appliance, which can be done via network protocols such as NFS, CIFS, or FTP quickly and easily into existing network environments in operation. ETERNUS TriCSS ECO allows the most economical entry into disk-based, tamper-proof data storage 1 TB model ETERNUS TriCSS ECO. With the SoftWORM “functionality and easy integration is the ECO model in particular as a modern and economical alternative suitable obsolete, optical jukeboxes. ETERNUS TriCSS BASIC 2 TB model ETERNUS TriCSS BASIC is the ideal entry into the tamper-proof data storage retention management.

The retention management manages the legal retention periods of the data and may delete the unneeded data after expiration of the retention period or disable it in the system. A special feature represents the certification as a trusted product through the TuViT. This ensures safety and quality at a high level. ETERNUS TriCSS BUSINESS & ETERNUS DX80 3 TB the ETERNUS TriCSS BUSINESS enables the audit-proof storage of large amounts of data. Based on the ETERNUS storage subsystem DX80 scaling the net storage capacity enables the solution in addition to the functionality of SoftWORM and retention management by adding another DX80 subsystems.

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March 18, 2022


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Prevents include broken links.-If you want to create confidence, must ensure that we bind to valid links; is It generates distrust when we have a link that does not point to anything. Before you publish your content, test all the links to make sure that they are working properly. Links to websites of prestige-the opposite of the above is to link to sites that are recognized by their good reputation. This leaves a feeling of interest by providing relevant and complementary to the visitor information. Less complex and more simple-simplicity above complexity. Remember that our visitors are mostly users with basic knowledge on issues of the Internet, then focus in make you life easier showing your easy to use site.

Displays information organized by topics according to your publications, if possible identifies the topics by tags and use filtering tools. Create your own brand.-uses a unique style, visitors will see this as a genuine and differentiate you from the rest, the idea is to develop a reputation that creates confidence in your website with the passage of time. Remember your Web site is intended for last over time or not? Contact & about.-page considers having a contact page to receive consultations of your visitors, this will help them to communicate with you; also shows a brief summary about you, so they know that behind the site there is a person like them. Privacy policy-includes a form of privacy where detail data protection policies, what will you do with the personal information that you obtain from your site, guarantees on your products offered, etc. It uses a language course without legal terms that may cause confusion to your visitors. This is a great way to build confidence. To create trust with your Web site require time to make yourself known, time to add content slowly, time to position yourself better in the search engines results and perhaps most importantly, time to dedicate yourself fully to this project that you start with a vision and long term.