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University One

December 14, 2021


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Another problem also identified enters the learning of the licenciatura course in geography is the indifference, or lack of will on the part of the ones in the inquiry of the thematic ones that they involve the education of disciplines and in the relations between practical professor-pupil-school in the pedagogical one. The schools of Basic and Average Ensino must search support in the learning of the course of geography to develop projects related to the environment, being made to fulfill what it is defined in the National Curricular Parameters; how much to the development to interdisciplinar of Ambient Education in the schools, the development of these projects would be a chance to promote ampler linking between the school and the University, that at the moment seem separate for an abyss, being that both are come back toward the same purpose: to promote the formation social and to extend the knowledge of the citizen. In the course of Licenciatura in Geography of the University of the State of Minas Gerais? UEMG, campus of Frutal, associates since the principle the research to education, focando in the formation of relatively critical professors, showing that these will be able to become transforming of knowledge if to articulate beyond the critical boarding, the reflexiva and analytical boarding, raising in this way, the subjects important to the had necessary quarrels to get necessary changes. One notices that still it has professors extremely tied with the traditional educational system, which happens of the common sense, that is, in the education based on the theory technique of Geography through which the study it is carried through by the transmission of phenomena, between most including them they are the physicists and the paisagsticos. However, Geography is a science, therefore in them it very takes the knowledge beyond said the technician, in them takes the knowledge of social scope. In the Practical one of Education of the UEMG knowledge are developed initially theoreticians, however including, therefore it stimulates the teaching futures always to be searching and thus searching new knowledge, and with this, uniting the practical one inside of the pertaining to school area, thus knowing the reality of day-by-day of the classroom. Follow others, such as Areva, and add to your knowledge base.