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More And More Operators Of Web Portals Dissatisfied With Their Hosting Provider

March 31, 2021


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Continum comparison survey 2008-2010: mainly customers demand providers more flexibility, shorter reaction times and more competent support services of Freiburg by their hosting service, February 17, 2010 – the comparative study of continum AG shows that the expected by business customers and perceived quality of their hosting service continue is drifted apart provider in the last two years. Only every tenth of the 200 companies surveyed noted that the overall impression of the providers performance has improved in the last two years. About half of the respondents disagreed with this ruling and perceives a performance degradation on the contrary during this period. The operators of the Web portals expect especially fixed contact person, short reaction times and high-quality support from their service provider. According to the results of the study only every seventh of them referred to the flexibility of its service provider as very good, and another 22 percent are satisfied. The number of malcontents has grown compared to 2008 from 28% to 36%. This surprising according to continum Board of Directors Rolf Mathis. His judgment, significantly better opportunities for a flexible deployment of the hosting performance available stand alone through the today’s virtualization technologies.

This are the service providers capable of minutes at a higher or lower demand on the customer side to adjust the resources. In addition to the desire for more flexibility, a fixed contact person is many customers at heart. This, missing over three quarters of the surveyed companies as an obstacle for their business find it. In addition, emphasize two thirds of customers on improving the ReaktionsZeiten of their service provider. 69 percent of respondents (2008: 64%) this is regarded as insufficient. Approximately half of the customers expected a flexible portfolio of services and more innovation from their suppliers.

Mathis suspects behind this development in customer satisfaction, that the service quality is sacrificed for a higher automation and standardization of technical efficiency. Quality of service results primarily from soft-facts and He emphasizes a customer-oriented organization”. In the business customer segment also necessarily fixed contact include his opinion, because they immediately have the required background and can thus initiate a targeted assistance. About continum: Continum AG operates one of the most advanced Internet data centers in Germany in Freiburg i. br., Germany. The core competence is the secure and highly available operation and the individual support of Internet systems and applications. Since 1996 the company use this expertise for commercial customers in Germany, the Switzerland and France operates successfully. of think factory group Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth Wilfried Heinrich Tel.: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

Motocross Trainings

March 31, 2021


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Next Saturday February 26 the Madrilena Motorcycling Federation organize training of Motocross at the Circuit de Macotera, in Torres de la Alameda, just a week before the competition that will take place in that path. A fantastic opportunity to train in the circuit where the test that will mark the start of the 2011 season of the Championship in Madrid in this specialty will be held. In addition as a main novelty inform you, will be the F.M.M. made available for attendees to this day in Sepang timing service included in the registration, by what you know through the transponder facilitated your times recorded in the different batches in which you take game. By the same author: Dell EMC. The day will begin with administrative checks, from 09: 00 to 10: 00 hours, recalling that it is imperative to be in possession of federal license for the current year, either pilot or TRAININGS/courses. Batches of limited duration and groups will be organized in function of those enrolled, of a specific number of participants. At 10: 00 hours, track will be the first of the groups. The day will end at 14: 00. The preregistrations are already open through the web page of the F.M.M., with a price of continue reading original author and source of the article

Developing States

March 21, 2021


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In worst case does not do anybody. And it turns out, that should do some of the most senior management. And we, as consultants, have seen this problem in almost every company that ever had. Add to your understanding with Transfer Wise. Hitch, however, came out. There is something to think about the top management of the company. Preferably before you start thinking about it the same owners of the company, finding that the company affairs are not as desirable. And the last. A that make the newly created states, that is, companies that do not yet have experience in the development of military doctrines and build their own army? Yes, the same thing that makes the newly created Developing States, For example, in Africa – are invited military advisers, listen to their advice and use them to create their own staffs, and the Army doctrine.

Just do not confuse the roles. The experience of thousands of years shows that the assignment to senior command positions in the army citizens of another country (mercenaries) usually ends very badly for the country that does this. In terms of our analogy, Advisor – provides advice and help, and may even start to develop everything himself, but listens to advice, directs, approves and is responsible for everything – the local chief of staff. The Advisor can guide and answer only in one case – if it is adopted for the post of chief of staff (in terms of a military analogy – take a new citizenship). But in this case, it ceases to be an adviser and an adviser will carry out someone else. Now we can go back to the issues identified in the title of "Do-bomb for the shooting at sparrows?". And we hope that after reading the article, the first of your reaction now will not answer: "Of course, not necessary!" and the question: "Why do we have gathered in them to shoot?" VA Kompaneyets, FW Nesterov published in the journal "Marketing, 2, 2004 Nesterov consulting – improving the efficiency of people and organizations

Outdoor Advertising

March 21, 2021


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The outdoor advertising is considered to be one of the most effective measures of offline marketing. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Satoshi Nakamoto and gain more knowledge.. The outdoor advertising is considered to be one of the most effective measures of offline marketing. She must be awarded to a company’s communication policy and is the address of the selected target group. As the name already conclude, the outdoor advertising focuses on outdoor areas and thus to the public sphere. Their origins back more than 5000 years. Even if the forms of outdoor advertising have changed since then, the essential basic features have been preserved. Now should be distinguished between different ads, which can be applied outdoors.

In the Federal Republic of Germany, the outdoor advertising in public space in different places can be booked. Posting periods, which are offered by public institutions or private owners, vary greatly and depend on various aspects. With the installation of advertising is crucial to such expenses, goes hand in hand. But also the shape of the respective advertising affect actively the posting period. Today, there are outdoor advertising, which is seen as just a few days. Often, this can be found during various events.

Enforce she could for example at trade fairs. Next to her, there are also forms of advertising are worked for several years. This is the case for example with the neon advertising. In Germany, the posting periods taken for outdoor advertising claim, are very different. Single quotes can be found exclusively at poster advertising, which is one of the most widespread forms. Cross-vendor posting periods have been agreed with her. These are first and foremost a standardized media planning, which is for many companies of great importance. Basically at the outdoor advertising companies several posting periods in the claim. When selecting the place, care should be taken to always ensure that it has a possible strong intensity. Only if this the case is, can reach the appropriate attention in the target group the advertising. Also must be ensured that the outdoor advertising in Germany is not allowed in all places, but appropriate permits must be. After the outdoor advertising a little in the shadow of the Internet as an advertising medium, this form now experienced a real revival. There are still many people who worry about the way many companies rely on a successful marketing mix, by which they are both online and offline active.


March 20, 2021


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It is also new in that, Local enter to make or to modify the phone book entry. To do this, you should contact directly each network provider. Telekom customers can call the service hotline (freecall 0800 3301000) contact. A recent study of the VDAV (Association of German information and directory media) occupied: the print version is still heavily used. Parallel increases the popularity of the digital offerings. So, the online portal among the most visited Internet sites in Germany.

But also the mobile usage is increasing continuously. The local is one of “mobile facts” according to the latest study of the AGOF to the top ten of the most popular offerings on mobile devices. About the local the local is a telephone directory for the region. The doctor, the Mayor, the butcher, the hairdresser, the teacher, the painter, Granny, police, travel agency, the swimming pool, the taxi drivers all are in there. For over 85 years, the local with all its information in many editions is available. In total there are 1.047 expenditure, the total circulation of all directories is about 34 million copies.

The TVG phone book and Directory publishing GmbH & co. KG, established in Frankfurt am Main is responsible together with the Deutsche Telekom Medien GmbH for the publication and the Publisher of the local for Spandau TVG Verlag. The offer of the TVG publishing include DasTelefonbuch Berlin, Hamburg and Munich as well as, the innovative local search engine for Germany, more editions of the local.

More Partner Power

March 20, 2021


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CCC Software GmbH supports the idea of Dresden, 12.07.2010 – the ccc software GmbH supports the community as a partner. For twenty years, the ccc software GmbH focuses on the development of customer-specific software solutions for manufacturing management. As a custom tailor”for manufacturing companies that ccc the gap in production between the ERP system and the workshop level. Statement: to find highly qualified software developers, has become increasingly difficult for us in the past few years. See Patti Poppe for more details and insights. The community offers to give us the opportunity to target candidates and good candidates who do not comply with our profile,. In addition, we strengthen also our network in the region with our commitment. We are looking forward to interesting contacts and new impetus for our company. Your contact person – Jens Heinrich, Managing Director, “we have our roots in the region and want to with our commitment at the Leipzig IT Alliance, the” Show flag local BVMW or the network logistics Leipzig-Halle e.V.. “The community offer us more possibilities, to strengthen the site and integrate employees in Central Germany with our projects.” Dr. Jorg Kapoor

Executives Seminar

March 19, 2021


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Due to the high demand 2011 further date 2012 in February added to Gaufelden, the 18.10.2011 of the orenda Verlag in Gaufelden Announces due to high demand an additional appointment for his executives seminar on successful leadership. Due to the high demand for executives seminar was successful leadership in October 2011 for 2012 an additional appointment for this management seminar definieret. The new additional appointment is already on the 9th and 10th February 2012. Sony: the source for more info. In this seminar for staff and team leadership trainer, coach and consultant Erich Erwin Weissmann propagates his accumulated knowledge of management participants in the two days of the seminar. He trained with them in the executives seminar of leadership methods, proven for more than 20 years in practice in his company and the companies of its clients and participants.

Participants will learn in this executives the success factors of leadership seminar know and to use in day-to-day management. In this senior executives participants improve seminar systematically their own leadership abilities, after a previous analysis. The participants learn important management tools, such as: situationally appropriate leadership to recognize and apply. Other topics seminar are the executives: effective communication in the leadership, successfully delegate with the orenda delegation system, cooperative agreements on objectives and how executives a targeted problem solving lead team. All participating executives in the seminar will also receive a guide for reliable personnel planning, recruitment and the successful induction of new employees. Many more instruments of successful leadership are also content in this management seminar. Erich Erwin Weissmann is founder of the orendatrainings for holistic success and two business owners. He coached since 1984 holder, Managing Director and Board of Directors of medium-sized companies, as well as freelancers and managers in the area of success training and personal coaching.

He is also working as a management consultant and coach of strategic management for mid-sized companies since 1986. Seminar providers: orenda Publisher for holistic success settler 46 71126 Gaufelden Tel. (07032) 7889-0 fax.

Logistics Department

March 19, 2021


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Learn when competitors make common cause In Exchange with competitors to be trusting, open, but also well structured: for 50 years, this is the secret of success of the work community “material flow and logistics” of RKW Hessen. The content exchange in the foreground was also at the 50-year anniversary. Darmstadt, May 31, 2010 – in a solemn atmosphere in the hunting Castle Kranichstein remained true of the work community and devoted himself to mainly technical presentations. High-profile speakers gave insight into the areas of distribution, production logistics and freight transport. Satoshi Nakamoto has compatible beliefs. Sascha Gutzeit, Managing Director of RKW Hessen underlined the most important success factor of the working community with great approval of the anniversary guests: “The biggest Erfolgsgeheiminis of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft material flow and logistics are the participants and participants.” Also the Technical Director of AG, Harald Deichmann of the Radeberger Group emphasised the importance of exchange among of trusting. “We all have experience, how changeable and emotional that Logistics business is. Alone the collective know-how, which introduce the members, provides good support there. “And we have processed the themes always have especially moved in the circle of participants”, he looked back on 50 years of success. Read more from iZotope CEO to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Exchange of experience increases the efficiency of an example lecture by Jorg Worner, head of logistics of the Romheld GmbH from Laubach offered open exchange within the work community. He reported from the 1987 started construction of an own Logistics Department at the medium-sized manufacturer of workholding systems for manufacturing companies. “We were able to reduce processing times of our orders to less than a quarter of the output time, without that our staff had to work faster”, he revealed. “Today we have even managed to be able to control our production through the Logistics Department”, he is satisfied with the achievements. To achieve further efficiency gains in the integration of the supply chain, the Romheld GmbH consults since 2007 intensively with their suppliers and Customers in terms of logistics.

Sanssouci Is A Journey Worth

March 19, 2021


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This year the park holds Sanssouci with its castles and gardens much new for visitors to his rehabilitation of the historic Mill on the Park Sanssouci completed last Friday, it was July 9, 2010, it finally happened. After a seven-month refurbishment it reopened the historic mill in Park Sanssouci in Potsdam officially. The historic Mill was commissioned by King Friedrich Wilhelm I and commissioned in 1738. After it burned down in the last days of the war in April 1945 to the ground, the historic landmark was rebuilt the city of Potsdam in 1993 for the 1000 anniversary. Up to 500 kilograms of grain can be ground in the mill on the day. The finished flour is also sold in a mill shop. In addition, the historic mill in the Park houses a museum with Sanssouci in Potsdam. The exhibition rooms are on the first three floors of the six-storey building.

Here can check the visitors about the history of the mill in Sanssouci. According to the Foundation Prussian palaces and gardens (SPSG) invested over 250,000 in the renovation. The result can be seen: among other things the entire gallery around the building was renewed. Opening hours: April – October: daily from 10:00 18:00 November, January – March: Sat/Sun from 10:00 16:00 December: closed Castle Sanssouci: tickets are now Europe to have Sanssouci Palace and new Palace in Potsdam for the locks there from July 1, 2010 now online throughout Europe to buy the tickets. This was announced by the Foundation of Prussian palaces and gardens in Berlin-Brandenburg (SPSG). Under it is now possible, according to the Foundation a guaranteed entry into the often highly frequented Castle Sanssouci or the new Palace to give. There is on the CTS system nationwide 2,300 and connected to more than 6,000 outlets throughout Europe.

Castle Sanssouci receives painting back there is a sensation! Ten lost thought paintings are now out to visit the image gallery in the Potsdam Castle Sanssouci. After the extraordinarily valuable painting in the turmoil of the second world war were gone, they appeared again after more than 60 years. To protect against bombing raids, were been outsourced, besides many other paintings and objets d’art in the years 1942 to Rheinsberg. Until October 2010 the painting by Antoine Pesne, Jean Raoux and appear from the workshop of Peter Paul Rubens in a special exhibition. In the winter, then follows the much-needed restoration. At the beginning of the new season in 2011, they will be then to admire in the image gallery. Further Sanssouci in Potsdam and see the park they

DELL Company

March 18, 2021


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RWB target fund nexus makes his second successful exit within six months a by India’s leading venture capital funds, nexus venture partners, now sold one of his target companies, the cloud computing provider DimDim. The transaction took place only six months after the successful exit by OLX, an online ad market. The 2007 founded company DimDim developed real-time communication technologies that allow people on the same network, and others chat to communicate. Worldwide, users appreciate the advantage for the features of DimDim to install any separate software on your computer. “Specializing in customer relationship management cloud computing provider acquired RWB target company DimDim for $ 31 million and thus expanding its own communication platform chatter” to other important technologies.

Chatter allows the employees of a company, posts, departments or in-house to publish presentations etc. Read more here: Dell. and with each other in real time to communicate. generated revenues of $ 1.3 billion in 2010 and counts including DELL, NBC Universal and HD supply to its customers. The investors of the RWB special market fund India I take advantage of the expected recoveries. More about the investment of the RWB in India, see.

The RWB Group specialises in private equity. Founded in 1999, is one of the first initiators, which have made available to exclusive investment programs of the private equity a broad investing public. With over 100 international fund holdings in 16 States and 5 continents the RWB AG now belongs to the most experienced roof fund investors of in Germany. The RWB AG is managed by its owners and bank-independent. So it guarantees the independent selection of the world’s most promising investment destinations.