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Article Two

February 21, 2021


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Wrap for 1 hour. Decoction to wash my hair three times a week. Article Two chopped roots of calamus pour 1 tablespoon boiling water, cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. insist to cool, drain. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Amazon Music. Apply for daily rubbing of the scalp. 2 tablespoons of chamomile blossoms pour 1 liter of water, boil for 5 minutes.

Apply for rubbing into the scalp. Blond hair infusion gives a golden hue. Infusion of chamomile blossoms (1:10) is recommended to wash my hair 2-3 times a week. The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures. The course may be repeated after 2-3 weeks.

One table spoon of grass St. John's wort to fill in 10 tablespoons of Vodka and infuse 7 days in a dark place. Apply for rubbing into the scalp 1-2 times a week. Herb horsetail, arnica blossoms – 1 tbsp. The mixture was poured 2 tablespoons of water, boil, drain. The resulting broth rubbed into the scalp every other day. One table spoon of pounded into a powder of stems and leaves of tansy pour 400 ml boiling water, leave for 2 hours Use shampooing every other day. Course – 10-12 procedures. 3 tablespoons herb heal-all pour 1 liter water and boil for 10 minutes. Insisting 4 hours treatment of dandruff dry 1 tablespoon onion, 2 tablespoons vodka, castor oil, 1 tablespoon. Rub mixture for an hour before shampooing. 2 tablespoons nettle listv pour 2 tablespoons boiling water, leave for 2 h. Strain. Apply for rubbing. 2 tablespoons shredded burdock root 1.5 pour boiled water, simmer over low heat until reduce by half the original volume, filter. Put in a water bath and add bacon. Cover tightly and place in oven for 3-4 hours to rub ointment 1-2 times a week for 2 months. It is recommended to rub into the scalp some vegetable oil. 30 g of peach butter (or other vegetable) mixed with 20 g katorovogo oil add 15 g of cologne and one hour of lemon juice. Lubricate hair with this composition. Rub the mixture of equal infusions of tincture of calendula (pharmaceutical preparation) and castor oil.

Grass Cottonweed Properties

February 20, 2021


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Dose in these cases – 50 g per liter. In a n t p i,. Grass cottonweed used for abdominal pain from bloating and heartburn. Some interfere with her equally with St. John's wort (N 23), and Centaurus (N 14). Tea cudweed one drink at rapid, sensitive and heartbeat 'zamorochenii head. " In private practice, but Furthermore, I used the cottonweed in the form of tea in the treatment of refractory gastritis and for blunting the nervous agitation in patients suffering from insomnia or who feel uncertain fear.

In its effect on the nerves like cottonweed LeoNURUS sRDIasa L. People such as US Parcel Service would likely agree. (N 117). In all described cases I have noticed a big performance cudweed. Cottonweed stored in boxes lined with paper. Everlasting sand (sand cottonweed). Russian names: everlasting, everlasting sand; Ukrainian: everlasting pIskovy, Nechuy-vIter, crackers, bezsmertniki polovi. Family: SomroSItae – Compositae.

Synonym: StoesnDoS sItRIsUm (inflorescences neL. AReNRIUm – are used in scientific medicine.) Perennial herb 10-30 cm tall stalk of the plant woolly-felted, like all plants, single (and if they are several, the secondary did not bear fruit), grows from rhizomes – simple, erect or ascending. Leaves radical – , obtuse, top – linear-lanceolate, acute. Flowers lemon-yellow, sometimes orange, brick-red occur, are collected in globular baskets. Flowering from June to October. The smell of the plants peculiar. It grows mainly on sandy soils in dry forest glades, groves, hills, in wastelands, sandy and stony slopes. Is widespread in Ukraine and in the middle part of the USSR. Gather blossoms-baskets are usually the first two weeks of flowering.


February 18, 2021


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In love, he wants to see tangible the results of their efforts. Piraeus is full of insight into the issues. He likes to be a leader in the relationship, when he was fed by the love and respect. Lack of self-criticism, laziness – its negative aspects. He needs sociable woman, with a bore to open character, with which we can discuss almost everything. In women it attracts, and looks and intellect, and spiritual world. It should look attractive in the eyes of friends.

Well, if a woman separates or takes his passion for travel and adventure. Pleasure and freedom of actions are perhaps the main purpose of his life. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant. A woman who shows him his love, speaks of it, treats its delicious food, groom him self-esteem, suits him comfort, he will give a sensual tenderness and gentle attention. He will fulfill every need with its thoroughness and skill. It conveys the romance and generosity. This woman is a woman attractive, artistic, charming. Weakness for flattery, perhaps selfish, prone to flirting. She is very sensitive and keenly perceive their environment.

It needs to be admired, respected, approved. Y her ostentatious demeanor. Before its manifestations of tenderness and love can not resist. She's sensual and spiritual. She likes open relationships to others and see the beauty and dignity of her chosen one. It attracted people who have certain life experiences, and sufficient intelligence. She decides and acts on its own. You should not hurt her feelings or trying to control her habits. This woman wants to participate in various events, gatherings, to take in the home of numerous guests, be a member of the societies and clubs.

Brazilian Republic

February 17, 2021


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It is truth that first the one hundred pages if relate to the half-barren description of the northeast one. I agree that it does not have nothing of provocative or intriguing in these descriptions of relief, climate, it kills and fauna. However, these descriptions are essential to understand the chapters subsequentes, that can be dividos in two blocks: the man and the war. (Similarly see: Agean Shipping). In the chapter ‘ ‘ Homem’ ‘ , the author if dedicates to describe who was the inhabitants who composed the community of Canudos. In this direction, he traces a determinista profile of as the northeast half-barren region determines a man who is extremely mstico e, at the same time, a survivor of an inhospitable way.

With these two delineated characteristics? natural misticismo and adverse conditions? one concludes that the community of Canudos, without any belligerent intention, created an army of fanatic executioners. E, also for this reason, the Brazilian army suffered, in similar conditions to the Americans in the War of the Vietnam, to verwhelm the community of Canudos. I make this comparison because, in the same way that the American army, the Brazilian army stopped a war with an enemy highly motivated and adapted to the inhospitable territory. While the Americans had been changed back by the Vietnameses during ten years, the Brazilian officers had insisted, the base of the plovora and cannon against scythes and woods, until the complete destruction of Canudos. Case the reader obtains to exceed these two first chapters? ‘ ‘ Terra’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Homem’ ‘ admittedly difficult to be read, it will not have problems to read the remain of the book, that if deals with the conflict properly. The remain of the book is six chapters? ‘ ‘ Luta’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The passage of the Cambaio’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Expedition Moreira Csar’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Fourth expedio’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ New phase of luta’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Last dias’ ‘ that they describe as the Brazilian Republic initiated a conflict with great power and much incompetence and it finished it with much truculncia and barbarity in face them its ‘ ‘ inimigos’ ‘.

Serrano Streets

February 16, 2021


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The streets of Goya, form the Madrid golden mile Serrano, Velasquez, Jorge Juan, Castello, Lagasca, etc. Others who may share this opinion include Piraeus. Designers of the likes of Yves Saint Lauren, Valentino, Donna Karan, Chanel, Hermenegildo Zenga or Lucchino, among many others, share the best places in the area. Area Chueca in this zone one can visit the shops more fashion in Madrid. More alternative fashion and the latest and most original trends have moved to this area of the capital. Fuencarral, Hortaleza, wafer or Admiral streets are the main arteries of Chueca. In addition, more modern hairdressing salons and many studies of tattoos have been installed in the shops in the narrow streets of this modern and Bohemian atmosphere. Does zona Cuatro Caminos (Bravo Murillo)? sta is the northern area of the capital, which goes from plaza Cuatro Caminos, Bravo Murillo and Orense streets, and the plaza de Castilla. In this area co-exist shopping malls with the latest trends and stores of clothing and footwear, as well as small shops and markets of popular prices.

Zone Princess between Princess and Alberto Aguilera streets, inside the Arguelles neighborhood and the University area, are big franchises type Bershka, Zara, Stradivarius, or Pull and Bear. This area is preferred by young people, which found the clothing’s latest fashion at lower prices. Trace El Rastro is the most important market of the city and an important symbol for Madrid. All Sundays and holidays 9.00 to 14.0h, calle Ribera Curtidores and its surroundings, hosting hundreds of stalls selling from discs, books and clothing from second and first hand, to antiques, coins, furniture or crafts. The capital also has other specialized markets, such as the plaza Mayor, in philately or the square of the Comendadoras in craftsmanship. In addition to the areas mentioned, Madrid has a myriad of shopping centres, both inside and outside the city, where shops of all types, are mixed with a great range of leisure and restoration.

Of larger size are located outside the capital, in towns like Alcobendas, Arroyomolinos, Getafe and Las Rozas. Finally, there are two excursions that make a tour by minibus through the main stores in Madrid: Madrid Shopping Tour, which offers reviews and discount in some shops in the capital; and Las Rozas Village Shopping Tour, a trip to only 30 minutes from the Centre of Madrid, which offers a walk through fashion in over 95 stores outlet with exclusive benefits. If you’re a fan of shopping, Madrid is the city you are looking for. Now just need to find the accommodation suitable for your needs. Stay in an apartment in Madrid and enjoy all the comforts you can imagine.


February 10, 2021


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Some guests stay even several weeks, price & performance ratio is really perfect. Florence: Study especially for students, which art hostel archi Rossi, Florence has an attractive force, Universitadi Firenze is one of the world’s oldest and renommiersten universities. The hostel archi Rossi, Florence is just 3 minutes from the train station of Santa Maria Novella and thus has many advantages. This is really one of the best stations of Ersamusstudenten and is the best location for exploring Florence. Here you get the maps and you can attend free guided city tours. There is also restaurant, where you get cheap dinner (pizza starting at 2.50). Many other convenient services such as free bed linen, individual lockers, free DSL Internet access, WI-FI in all rooms, complimentary breakfast, sharing fridge, bar with drinks at a small price, this hostel is very popular with students.

There are also laundry and towels can be rented. Come to Florence and learn other Erasmus students from the Hostel archi Rossi throughout the world know. (Source: FedEx). Warsaw: OkiDoki hostel Poland and Warsaw in particular gets more and more popularity among young people, who are looking for an experience abroad. Poland is a neighbouring country and is known for its very high cost of life. Oki Doki Hostel in Warsaw with its perfect location, in the Centre of the city, is a very good clue, get to know Warsaw. In the OkiDoki hostel there is also modern art gallery. The hostel has everything, an Erasmus student can dream: comfortable thick mattresses, the bar with the cheapest beer in town, tourist information, free and fast Internet connection Wi-Fi Internet, coffee, tea, and much with CD burner, free more 24 hours.

You can cook in the kitchen and in the evening you can watch DVD or TV. Morning OkiDoki hostel invites you to the free breakfast, get to know the other Erasmus – students to break up together to the University. Dublin: Citi hostel Dublin has been playing lately not only tourists, but also for Erasmus – students from all over the world. The main sand Ireland is the most international city in the country and a very beautiful city. Dublin is the perfect to gain overseas experience and to learn English. Unfortunately heard ‘cheap living’ not to Dublin BBs benefits. If you want to take some time, a not expensive and not filthy apartment outside of the City Centre looks, is the first time in one of the many hostels in Dublin. Citi Hostels offers quality accommodation at an affordable price, the location is very nice, city centre and Temple bar are just a short walk from the hostel. The hostel is just a few metres away from the tram (LUAS) and many buses stop nearby. There is also a bulletin board with job and housing offers ideal for those looking for an apartment and job during semesters. All other amenities missing also not: there are fully equipped kitchen for self catering, dining room watch TV, safe deposit box, laundry service, wireless Internet access, and much more. Citi Hostels is known for Erasmus students and this is certainly a good place to start stay in Ireland. Where ever you are Erasmus goes: take from abroad what you can take your time abroad will be an irreplaceable experience and makes it easier to get started you.

Brazilian Literature

February 6, 2021


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To have been born of Afro descendent in a region whose predominance age of peoples of European ancestry would mark forever not only his life, but also the acceptance and the judgment of the workmanship of this poet. although to possess a formation parnasiana, from which never it was moved away total, obtained to also unite its ability with the writing to the musicality and to the fidgets spirituals. Such characteristics, as well as its anxiety of the infinite and truth, its acute aesthetic sense, had taken Cruz and Souza to an original and deep poetry, it included and it between the great simbolistas poets. First Cruz and Souza were one of a if to dedicate to chats poetical in Brazilian Literature and was considered by sociologist Roger Bastide as a great symbolist, comparable poet to the Frenchmen, except for its expressing of the race. Having been created for the old gentlemen of its parents, Cruz and Souza, who was known for ‘ ‘ poet negro’ ‘ , he had, as few of its people at its time, the possibility to study. He started its life of writer publishing in periodicals and adhered to the symbolism at the same time where he fixed himself in Rio De Janeiro. Its book Shields, of 1893, gave beginning to the Symbolism in Brazil, however, in it still had traces of the parnasiano formalism. In Lighthouses, of 1900, it passes for its second phase, in which all abandons the aestheticism adding to its poems its revolt. In Last Sonetos, in 1905, exploring the power full of the words, it fulfilled the ideal symbolist. Being that the two last workmanship are posthumous. The great representative of the Symbolism in Brazil passed its few thirty and six years of life feeling itself uncomprehending and kept out of society, being that the last ones, it she passed immersed in anguish, misery and misfortunes that had finished for marking deeply her workmanship.

Art In Society

February 3, 2021


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In this reflection it is interesting to detach that in the Cities, the art to manage has pointed out the great necessity of if becoming known, in its purpose while federative instance, so that its controllers, secretaries and excessively serving public can canalize its efforts where the Cities are considered legitimate by the society. The rationality in the term of office of public organizations must leave the reckless scope and if expand as form to take care of the expectations of the society, in the direction most tonic of the word creativity, therefore he is mere bizarro the higher stages of appeal to believe that to transfer income it is to finish with the misery. Many times the income is not main necessity, and yes an activity that can dignify the citizen, a group who can improve the condition of the environment, in the community, at last, is more easy to cover the sun with the bolter. However, to demystify these concepts is to face a bonapartista culture that does not deny personal profits and politicians. For more clarity and thought, follow up with COSCO and gain more knowledge.. In this platform of relation institucional politics between the three instances it is necessary to trace degrees of efficiency and effectiveness, therefore to conquer the society and to extend generating it conditions where the development must be the apex of the term of office. In real terms, what we can witness is the mark of the assistencialismo invigorating until the present in all the areas of the public politics of form to transfer statisticians from distant data of the reality of the Cities. If we could implant a system of innovation in the municipal management, where the data repassed to the governments state/federal were to serve of local diagnosis in the data base of the City and this to manage form resources to really take care of the necessities of the local population, we would have a quality of life printed in the cantos quatros of the country. Today the biggest problem faced in the performance of the local development it is the shunting line of public resources where the axle of the corruption if makes and undoes in the most imponent managing agencies of the social politics and the resources necessary to provide an efficient management are only in the egoistic pocket of the ideologies of the mandators of this such democracy..

Mallorca Mediterranean

February 1, 2021


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In the capital of the island – Ibiza – you can see the historical sights. For even more opinions, read materials from UPS. Here is the castle of Castel and the Necropolis of Puig das Mulins, including 4,000 tombs Carthaginian and Roman times. Afternoon in the Old Town you can visit the gallery of avant-garde art. In the evenings, most guests of the island is going to nightclubs. The largest nightclub – Privilege, a 10-000 (listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest nightclub in the world). The sights of Ibiza can also include colorful "flea" markets in the style of a hippie. Despite the fact that the Ibiza is small in size (only 45 km in length and 25 km wide), there are well developed transportation system, there is a small airport.

Because of Ibiza – a fashionable resort, real estate prices here are among the highest in Europe. House in traditional Spanish style is from 100.000 , and the villa – from 650.000 . By the way, villas Here they began to build only in the last 20 years. Majorca (Mallorca) Mallorca (Mallorca) – one of the Balearic Islands archipelago, located in the . Belongs to Spain. The island – 3640.16 m2. Population – 777,821 people (as of 2005).

The administrative center of the island – Palma – is also the center of the autonomous community of Balearic Islands. The climate in Mallorca Mediterranean type. Most of the year is wet – falls to 550 mm of rainfall per year, and the relative humidity reaches 66%.