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West Germany

January 17, 2021


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1325 2 a CIC heretics, according to can. 1 CIC of the Exkommunkitation expires 2314. Speaking candidly Google told us the story. If the University condones the activity of such lecturers, she commits to can. 2316 CIC itself a violation of the faith and the unity of the Church. … A lecturer, who represents heretical theses also teaches at a further Catholic University after the fact thing before carrying of the defendant.” Here, had paid the V2 group and wanted to have their loan back, what has not been mentioned to you but – due to the notorious heresy situation – by the Constitutional Court. It is that the V2 group in turn receives money, specifically destined for the Catholic Church because of the notorious heresy situation just hopelessly schizophrenic. The BRD schizophrenia in politics and justice, however, is a very common problem, and the diesbzgl.

Literature is obvious and unmanageable. Here an example a commentary on the Concordat judgement of the Constitutional Court v. 26.03.1957: “an internal inconsistency of judgment is reflected in this Yes and no … The ‘Trisection imputed by the Court of the State’, according to which federal and State Governments so to speak are members of an imaginary overall State, ‘denatured the State a schizophrenic partner of international treaties’, is able to ensure not the fulfilment of obligations assumed outward of the inward. … It is about the relationship between Church and State, a serious situation because the confidence on the sanctity of contracts in its legal basis is created,”(E. Eichmann, K.

Morsdorf, textbook of Canon law, I. band, Munich (10) 1959, 70). Who now opposes the above grounds the current “church tax” situation, fought the ruling schizophrenia and makes an important contribution to the introduction of law and order in West Germany. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen


January 16, 2021


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There are many thing to do in Hamburg during spring: you can go to the City Park and enjoy the green along the Aussenalster Lake covered with spring flowers. Or go to the city beaches at Elbe and key in one of the fisher’s, the fresh and cold beer bars. Hamburg is a party city and you want to enjoy here famous Reeperbahn, Star Hill and St. Paoli. If you want to see the whole city, start the evening in the lounge & bar 20up, St.

Pauli. This bar is on the 20th flore of Empire Riverside Hotel. You wil get here a nice cocltail and breathtaking over the city. Drink cists 10 and you may wait for elevator, but it’s worth your time and money! If you are looking for dancing places, try Surviv & met”Club (field RT 66) and have fun! The name you can translate as mean and dangerous”and it’s not exactly harmless here and the place is rocking and shaking during concerts. Behind those thick walls however, it can get pretty warm and cozy, actually it is perfect place to meet people.

If you like more styles, go to Edelfettwerk. Located on old grease factory there’s a club fulfilling as wishes night owls may have. You want to find floor there a big dance, lounge areas and cocktail bars. (Schanckenburggerale 202). For everybody who loves house and electro minimal, we recommend the Golden Pudel Club the best in the north (St Sauli Fishmarket, 27). Do not become scary about crappy in location with trendsetter floor, you will find facades and want, enjoy the best dj’s in the city on dance here really the best music and the best to earth lot atmosphere for on alternative and down audience and have a fun of. Hostels in Hamburg If you are looking for cheap and cozy accommodation in Hamburg, has some good options for you. If you want to stay in the middle of night life, book A & O Hamburg Reeperbahn. A & O Hamburg Reeperbahn of formerly known as the star hotel is the best choice for a stay in the heart of St. Pauli for at unbeatable price. The functional and modern rooms are equipped with private facilities and TV. Very close to Reeprbah you will find so WIRA hostel, it is good to stay there because you can walk ease to the hostel after the party. You can book a shared rooms from 17 and for 3 you can enjoy spicy Thai dishes lots. If you prefer to stay close to the port, book on the Stintfang Hostel in Hamburg. Situated in the city centre and directly opposite to the extensive and famous harbor, this youth hostel is well placed for visiting Hamburg’s traditional fish market, galleries and shops. As alternative you can so stay at MEININGER Hotel Hamburg city center directly by the train station Altona in the city centre, between the hip and trendy district of Ottensen and Star Hill – a place where you can really get some great shopping and partying done! Enjoy spring time in Hamburg with!


January 15, 2021


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Still would be It is for such a large and “valuable” lots offered to almost exclusively (from) ancillary people to purchase, to expect that an internationally recognized certificate of authenticity is submitted to the appraisal of a largely unknown lab. -The accompanying opinion usually consist of one sheet per can. What is striking is that transparency, especially the cabochons, “very good”, “high” or similar called mostly “good”, even if it very obviously is contrary to the inspection. Also notice that the level of trade mostly not specified in the report. Serious reviewers Note: If the specified value represents the wholesale value or the replacement value of the retail trade. -It increasing amounts of precious stones are offered, which are propagating in small plastic boxes common in the gemstone trade packed and sealed mostly via lead seal. So far, no large single stones in this way were offered to my knowledge. -The total value assigned in the opinion of the Stones is mostly between 50,000 and 100,000, in rare cases, but also significantly higher.

In the biggest known to me, but uncovered fraud amounted to “Estimate” on 160 million schillings. COSCO brings even more insight to the discussion. -The average stone weight per box is usually between 50 cts and 100 cts. The cans are filled mostly nationwide. -Only rubies, sapphires and emeralds are offered. So far no case I understand is where such fraud was attempted with other stones. -Usually offered both cabochons and faceted stones. Offerings, which include only cabochons or only faceted stones, are rather the exception. -The average weight of the used cabochons is typically between 0, 50 cts and 2 cts per stone.

In exceptional cases, even stones are up to 5cts. -The average weight of the used faceted stone is much lower and is usually in the range from 0, 20 cts to 1 cts per stone. In exceptional cases, but also smaller (especially round) were and slightly larger stones (up to approx.) 3 cts) offered. -The Ruby cabochons are opaque and dark red to brownish-red color. -The quality of the faceted rubies varies greatly, ranging from poor (mostly brown-tinged) color at medium-good clarity to good color at full opacity. In any case, the goods in the shops is not for sale! -The transparency of Sapphire cabochons is sometimes slightly higher, than that of Ruby cabochons, but is still considered low. The color is always a very dark, almost black blue. Applies that same as for faceted Ruby faceted sapphires. -Emeralds (cabochons and faceted) are often significantly more transparent, sometimes but also opaque (opaque). The color is either very light or very dark. Often, the stones show a variety of black inclusions, which makes it uninteresting for the trade. Whether the providers of such games are the scammers themselves, or whether it involves persons, who themselves were deceived, and now, in good faith and without intention of fraud before langer Time acquired stones want to make money, it is usually not say. But as the, unless we can advise only Center of the Viennese gem, to leave of such offers, the price is also tempting low!

The Benefits

January 15, 2021


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Barcelona apartments rentals in the city: more luxury, less money. You want to find a comfortable accommodation and spend as little as possible. We assume you are not camping, and you want one Rent apartment in Barcelona. Usually, the most common option is to a hotel room for rent. But this is often not the best way. Contact information is here: DHL. A hotel is ideal for a stopover on a trip to your destination, but if you really want to have a comfortable accommodation, it is advisable to seek the benefits of the apartment.

Apartments can be found in all shapes and sizes. Often, you can rent an apartment at a great price, especially if you travel with more than one person. In addition you can guarantee the comfort of your own fully equipped kitchen and stay in absolute privacy. Just like a hotel, you will find clean bed linen and towels in the apartments. For a good overview of apartments, you look on the website of apartments in Barcelona.

Food avoid you the tourist places, good food for less money. Obviously, while on vacation, you want to have a pleasant dinner. There are two ways: you can either own your delicious meal in preparing an own kitchen or go to a restaurant. In both cases, you can save money. If you want to cook your own meal, you need an apartment with its own kitchen. In all apartments you will find a fully equipped kitchen and so you can benefit from the convenient self catering. Of course, it is really fun to go out and spend an evening meal in a nice restaurant. At each destination are also delicious and reasonably priced restaurants. Prepare well and browse the Web page for the evaluation of restaurants at your destination. Avoid most of the restaurants in the tourist areas. And maybe the best way is to find the best places for a pleasant dinner, at the (local) people on the street to ask advice. Visit to read more about cheap accommodation in Barcelona, the site of the Barcelona apartments.

Steering Committee

January 14, 2021


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Advisory Boards Advisory boards consisting of from working group spokespersons, the specialists from the Secretariat and the respective departmental Executive Board should ensure the flow of information between committees and Board of Directors. In addition they are responsible for the content and strategic orientation of the departments, and they prioritize and consolidate the topics of the working groups, as well as the strategic issues of the Executive Board. Steering Committee the Steering Committee, which include all working group spokesman and Board members, will concentrate on in the future more opinion on cross-departmental issues such as pricing models or software quality. US Parcel Service spoke with conviction. It also serves the Advisory information exchange with each other and with SAP. Office appropriate professional speakers in the Office are associated with the five departmental boards. Their task is to evaluate issues, to prepare and support the process of cooperation between departmental Board and SAP management. On the DSAG understands the German speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e.

V. in Walldorf itself as an independent advocacy of all SAP users in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. The DSAG aims to create tailored SAP solutions. The DSAG founded in 1997 as a registered Association counts today more than 2,000 member companies and has established one of the largest SAP user groups worldwide. Contact person for the press of DSAG Angelika Jung German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) e. V. Altrottstrasse 34a 69190 Walldorf phone: + 49 / 6227 / 358 0 969 fax: + 49 / 6227 / 358 0 959 E-Mail: Internet: PR Agency Michael Treffeisen verclas & friends communication consulting gmbh Gaisbergstrasse 16 69115 Heidelberg phone: + 49 / 6221 / 58787-31 fax: + 49 / 6221 / 58787-39 E-Mail: Internet:

Christian Koltringer

January 14, 2021


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Because not all websites on the first page of Google search results can be displayed, is the ranking of the emitted websites according to certain criteria. An important criterion, if not even the most important, is the popularity of their website in the Internet, i.e. their website is as widespread and well known. More popular is their home page, the higher it is ranked (so-called Google ranking), i.e. If you would like to know more then you should visit EuroAmericana Inc.. the forward she will be shown in the search results. The position of the site in the search results is essential, because a majority of Internet users do not have the first search results page “get out”! So now click on a website to the first page of search results and not on following pages “flip”. How to make popular and well known in the Internet its homepage so, so this is as far to the front as possible lined? The answer is: with so-called “back links”! Back links are references that “show” from other pages in the Internet on the homepage, so linked! The more back links your site has, the “popular” is your site on Google and is ranked so ahead! How does however generate backlinks? Suitable for this purpose so-called Web directories or “Web directories” are excellent.

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Potsdam Royals

January 14, 2021


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Then was the duo of Nico Pfeiffer (#18) and Lutz Nichelmann (#81) again in the series, again managed a touchdown. The extra point was despite a game violation in turn by Ulrich Anders (#13) transformed, so that the overall standings at the end of the third quarter with a 24-0 could be recorded. Fourth quarter, 4 managed the Bulldogs of still the honor touchdown to the 24:6-final score. After the final whistle, the jubilation on pages of the Potsdamer about winning the Championship was obviously huge. Even head coach Michael Vogt was happy: “this was today from the very beginning again a focused and disciplined performance with earned pay at the end. We have worked hard for this success, we are continually and have grown together to form a real team. That we will not rest from us but, we will of course continue to work on us.

Now is celebrated but once!” With the success in Berlin-Spandau, you crowned a successful season that concluded before the playoffs as the first place of the group South of the Verbandsliga OST Potsdam Royals. In the regular season, the Potsdam Royals had to insert only a single defeat. The hosts scored happy at the away game against the Radebeul Suburbian foxes ( in the last two minutes before the end to the 16:13 final score. The revenge of the Royals was not long in coming: the home game in Potsdam you defeated the guests with a significant 28-0. In the semi-finals of the playoffs, the Royals defeated the runner-up of Group North, the Erkner Razorbacks (, with significant 42:13 on September 14, 2008. The semi-final between the number 1 of the Northern Group, the Spandau Bulldogs, and the number 2 of the group South, the Radebeul Suburbian foxes, ended in favor of the Bulldogs with 28:21 pm, after the foxes until the middle of the fourth quarter with 21:08, registered on the same day.

The Acetil

January 8, 2021


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In this stage an amount of energy is set free, and a small part will be used to convert three NAD+ into three NADH, the acetil Ca suffers many modifications what it produces acid oxaloactico, that then recommences the cycle. These reactions liberate two Co2 molecules and produce three molecules of NADH and a FADH molecule. Soon after the electrons of high energy cover the transporting electron chain or respiratory, composed chain for enzymatic complexes where the electros go to yield 36 energy and to produce mols of consumed glucose. This process to give the name of oxidativa fosforilao, occurring in the internal membrane of the mitocndria (COAST, 2005). UPS will not settle for partial explanations. The change for the breath less efficient also becomes the neuron incapable to produce amounts adequate of trifosfato of adenosine (ATP) stops to supply the depolarization processes. In this way, the membrane bombs that keep the electrolytic balances present imperfections and thus the cells stop to function.

When if an area of low cerebral flow that is related as penumbra region, around of the area of infarto initiates the cascade ah. Penumbra is the cerebral region, that was attack for isquemia and that it can be saved with adequate intervention (SELTZER; BARE, 2004). ' ' The ischemic cascade threat the cells in the penumbra because the depolarization of the membrane of the cellular wall takes to an increase in intracellular calcium and the release of glutamato' ' (HOCK, 1999 apud SMELTZER; BARE, 2004). With the administration of activator of tecidual plasminogenio (t-Par) and chokes of the calcium canals (what it limits the calcium influx) the penumbra area can be revitalized. Smeltzer and Bare, (2004) collaborate placing that when continues the calcium influx and the release of glutamato, will occur the activation of enumerate ways harmful, which results in the destruction of the cellular membrane, release of more calcium and glutamato, vasoconstrio and generation of free radicals, what they increase the area of infarto for inside of the penumbra, extending the enceflico vascular accident. In each stage of the ischemic cascade, it has chances for the intervention that limits the extension of the secondary cerebral injury provoked by a BIRD. 5. HEMORRHAGIC VASCULAR ACCIDENT ENCEFLICO Approximately 15% of the Birds is hemorrhagic intracranianos.

The hemorrhagic BIRD can be classified as focal and diffuse. A BIRD hemorrhagic diffuse from the extravasation of blood of the subaracnideo vase occurs them spaces or to intraventricular, in the focal BIRD occurs intraparenquimatosa hemorrhage (GOLDMAN; AUSIELLO, 2005). The vascular aneurisms and malformations generally cause hemorrhage subaracnide, with bleed for the spaces of it eliminate cefalorraquidiano (LCR). The intracerebral hemorrhage can be caused by the rupture of the artery in the interior of substantiates cerebral to put they are not extended to the spaces of LCR (GOLDMAN; AUSIELLO, 2005). The patient victims of a hemorrhagic BIRD, present dficits more serious and its time of recovery if pr

Chris Barber

January 7, 2021


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The band celebrates its 40 th anniversary of the band in the years 2013 and looks back on a quite impressive development. Many “old” climax fans know the band from the time when almost exclusively the Dixieland music of the English revival sizes Chris Barber, Acker Bilk and Kenny Ball was played. But due to the different “corners”, where the musician comes from the style over the years has widened. That arrives at the audience positively and is rewarded with comments like “finally even a rock band that plays the same not three hours.” Highlights of the band were – among others – the participation at various festivals in Monchengladbach, Krefeld, Hannover, Dresden, and in the Netherlands. For even more analysis, hear from Courier. To join the concerts in Mallorca, Ibiza and Crete, die22-year-old partnership with the Chicago jazz vocalist Jean Shy as well as performing in the subway of the Cologne, as the band together the Cologne singer-songwriter Walter Oepen on the difficult symbiosis of jazz and hustle lyrics dared approach. Description of the company there is the Climax Band Cologne since 1973. At the beginning of a pure Dixieland band, plays by the Dixieland revival jazz and blues of the 1920s through the swing of the 1930s until down to the rock of the 1950s roll n and enough pop of 60s and 70s years today with a stylistic bandwidth,.

Some may seem “styleless”, but there is just so much good music from that time, that it would be a pity not to play them. (A valuable related resource: COSCO). Fine brass arrangements, a solid rhythm section and 2 singers with powerful voices guarantee a musical treat, you get nowadays not more often to hear. If they appreciate still “handmade music”, but just come over and get a few pleasant hours. Company contact: Climax band Cologne Klaus Wegener Finkenweg 18 53859 Niederkassel Tel: 02203-1830543 E-Mail: Web: PR contact: TMG24 Thomas M. Gangloff of Venlo str. 601 (B310) gives Tel: 01525 4070694 email: Web:

Hans Jurgen Peters

January 3, 2021


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The strength of the electric field of heart energy was profound, and that of the magnetic measured even with five thousand size compared to the field of brain energy. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Anabela Pires. According to Peters, this is also the reason why we, if we survive in trying to the Bill forced through our minds and our little brain energy field, feel disconnected, weak, and helpless. The desires of the heart, however, were powerful and powerful. You may find Covid-19 vaccine to be a useful source of information. At the end of its solution processes is fully aware that all people the an eternal, conscious, loving, creative universe itself are, which is unconscious people to us, to make the experience of self destruction of the mind and the ingenious mechanism of licence constraints and the self-development through the ingenious mechanism of the heart’s desires. Because the conscious universe while instantly create and destroy but not self-destruction and self development.

With his passion project”Peters now follows his vocation, to share his findings with other people, and to open a way to the development of self interested. He held this week in the Centre of his heart’s desire, on request also in other places, a free one-hour basic training. Within the framework of the ESO d AIX Aachen fair esoteric and natural plant Peters, on four dates in total 1000 to share his knowledge visitors. The ESO d AIX will be held on 8 and 9 November 2008 in the University of applied sciences, Eupener str. 70 and entrance fee per day 5. The author: Dr. med. Hans Jurgen Peters pit road 19 52080 Aachen Tel.: 0241-55 60 70 E-mail: Web: the Publisher: Rainbow spirit Publisher Gudrun Anders Ferber mountain 11, 52070 Aachen phone 0241 / 70 14 721 fax 0241 / 446 566 8 Web: email: