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Network Marketing

November 26, 2011


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Friends List – cornerstone concept in network marketing. It was with him begins your "business". On average, the average person has 10 close friends, 50 friends and acquaintances 100-200. And 9 out of 10 of them refuse to marketiga network. In Finally you get 20-25 people, which you can register by themselves.

Enough, is not it? In this article I will outline the main ways to fund your buddy list. 1. Familiar friends. Just spend time with my friends, especially in their companies. And meet with them. Option a simple and natural. 2.

Meet in the street. We will not consider dating navrode typical: "A girl, a girl, and can meet you?" Or "How to pass a library? ". Our goal – meeting to participate in Web-based business. Therefore, the right to question whether there is enough earning your future friend. Or something like that. The method of dating on the street is only for self- his people, because how you learn – how unusual and caused different reactions from others. Often – negative. 3. Questionnaires should be drafted the questionnaire, which among other things find out the attitude to network business. Then everything is simple – go out and distribute them. With a positive reaction – you can begin to "work". 4. Leafleting. Necessary to compile and print the flyers, which advertised for your business or products of your company. Then all too easy – to go out and distribute them. This method is extremely important enthusiasm! If you stand pillar – that will accomplish nothing. Is much more fun – creating well-designed business cards. It is important not to forget to include your phone. Instead of a profession, you can specify something like: "Business Consultant". This method is much more effective than the usual distribution of leaflets, although it is a little on the cost of losing. 5. Ads One of the oldest and inefficient ways. But nevertheless, briefly describe it. Ads can be given in the newspapers and hang them in the city – in the allowed places, of course. Text ads can be found in any free newspaper. 6. Telemarketing is the method of dialing any number (the phone) and soft persuasion. Option is extremely complicated. But .. The effect depends on your skills of persuasion. And it can be spectacular! 7. Internet possibilities are almost endless. The essence is to create a website and promoting it on the Internet. Posetiteti who visit your website – can register on your network. At the present time, it was even created a concept – Network Marketing 2.0 – just for an online business via the Internet. This method is extremely effective, but … complex and time consuming. Read more at my site: