Month: February 2011

New Technologies Bidding

February 21, 2011


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Recently there has been a definite upward trend in the dynamics of tendering and bidding. An increasing number of supply and procurement specialists come to the conclusion that the best form of the optimum solutions – it's tender to supply equipment, works or services. Now, announcing a tender for the portal, the customer receives the address stream of offers from potential bidders, suppliers, willing to participate in the tender delivery, thereby not being confined to a circle of acquaintances and a limited number of firms, or, again using the services offered, the organizer may itself carry out competitive bidding. And in both case – have the potential participants have the opportunity to interact directly with the organizer and participation in competitive bidding, according to published documentation. The portal opened a new section on analysis of the behavior the biggest players in tendering and bidding in Russia and the cis, which included reports of quantitative and qualitative indicators, charts and other materials, using that each company can determine their competitiveness for a particular type of activity, whether the supply of goods, works or services. According to experts the opportunity removes many of the issues before the participants tenders and provides a strong tool for development and improvement of its business activities. Now, for a successful and productive of large industrial enterprises, employees of a department of supplies, suppliers and picker enough to articulate their needs and to announce a tender equipment and then many subscribers portal start studying the tender documentation and assessment of supply and demand. As the largest industry the most attention on the portal, of course, paid to construction companies and all organizations related to construction. Category tenders building the largest and most structured in several sub-sections, so that the case tenders were immediately brought to the appropriate group and to search for it would simply enter in the right. Also, the portal is a search, similar to Yandex, so you can find you are interested in a tender for a keyword with one click. In short, now we can safely say that in RuNet finally have a resource that meets the latest requirements of information technologies and funds, which absorbed the analysis of specific tenders and years of experience with the organizers and participants in competitive bidding.

Legal Services

February 16, 2011


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Any of us at least once in his life was in need of legal services. Indeed, a variety of real estate, property division, the decision of tax disputes, and more will certainly be carried out in the presence of a lawyer. You are very much mistaken, if think that all these situations you can find out on their own. Only a specialist can help really fair to resolve any situation. Legal services may be useful at any time. Therefore it is better to always keep in mind a good lawyer, with whom have already worked or is working directly with a legal agency. Thus, we explain in more detail, what difficulties you may encounter, and what specialist will help you solve them.

Accident. In the event of an accident lawyer will need both the guilty and the victim. Even in the case if the guilty party, let's recognize their own guilt and offers do just compensation without undue turmoil paper, should not be accepted. As often happens is that the blame lies with the accident scene, and without proper papers through a difficult time put him to any allegation. Counsel for the accident will tell you how to avoid such errors. A lawyer will conduct ongoing monitoring of your case in court, monitor instruments and much more. Divorce. Dissolution of the marriage process rather delicate.

Spouses do not always disagree peacefully divide equally the property, and come to a consensus with whom to leave the child. Sometimes divorce reach a critical point, when one spouse takes the child and leaves in an unknown direction. Also, in most families is very strongly is the question of payment by one spouse for alimony. So, in order to understand how to behave in such situations need a lawyer for family affairs. Specialist able to represent you in court on such issues as: the protection of child rights, conflict resolution between spouses, alimony, etc. Inheritance. Issues of separation of inheritance often reach high conflicts, namely when it comes to large sums. Then suddenly, there are many previously unknown facts that may affect the respectable sum of money each of their heirs. To protect their rights as heir reliably draw the required documents need a professional specialist – lawyer by inheritance. Tax disputes. Counsel on tax disputes can help solve all the problems related to taxation, and specifically – the correctness of determining the amount of tax benefits, the amount of deductions, etc. Labor disputes. A variety of conflicts in the workplace occur quite frequently. Since the period of unstable economic situation in the country is very much the work of choosing wrong, is dismissed, or defend their rights. Most choose the second way it is. Labor lawyer to help you cope with any situation. If you need a lawyer in a hurry. Seek professional help, he will defend your right to the highest level.

WebMoney Product

February 3, 2011


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Now you do not need to learn HTML-code, develop complex design programs and interfaces for months to pore over cunningly-wise html and graphics editors. Today, anyone can easily create a very professional site from scratch. I want to shock you? Today, our professional web site can create even the inexperienced user in just 2-3 hours. 2. Second, that it would be necessary you do in a physical business, it is to find a good seller who would sell your product or service. On your site work the seller will execute the content that you write. Do not neglect to write quality content. Even if you have a super – duper professional website, with their excellent design, and you have a very good quality product if you are not professionally write content you risk failure. If you learn write good content, it has absolutely no value, what is the your product, and to whom in what market you sell it.

Even if your product is exactly the same as that of the more successful than you, the competitors, the price of your product much higher than your competitors, your competitors are far ahead of you on the sales performance of the product, your competitors have far more customers and subscribers than you do, your competitors are on the market much more firm and high reputation, and so on. 3. In a physical business in your store or office to pay for goods and services will make your seller. Since your website is not the seller, you have to take care that would provide the buyer that the payment method that is convenient to him, because if some of the proposed methods of payment do not have one that is convenient to them, none of those life-pays by bank transfer or by credit card, will not register in WebMoney only in order to buy your product.

Secrets Of Motivation

February 2, 2011


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Probably, each director has repeatedly asked the question – how to motivate your staff? And even introducing and using some sort of incentive system, a few months later the head again begins to look for something new, as is the system ceases to give the expected results. As a real example of the importance of motivation can result in a poll that we conducted among the merchants of St. Petersburg about a year ago. The question was as follows read: "What prevents you earn?". In the diagram you can see the answers to this question sellers. "Laziness, no desire, aspiration, incentives" – in a scientific way all of this motivation. Perhaps you yourself noticed many times that if the final result very much want to reach, the activity increased several times and getting up in the morning becoming easier. Same with our staff: how much they want to achieve the goal – determines the rate and percentage of implementation. For those who believe that all people working in the company for the money, we can recommend to conduct a survey within the company. You will get some new ideas. To clarify the true intent of staff to assist Head is the "Scale of motivation." At the highest level – the debt – the employee will never leave the company if it is in poor condition. He fully understands how his future will be linked with the future of the company, and not looking aside. He "radeet" for the overall success.