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Private Coaching

December 25, 2010


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And writing articles is the most guaranteed way to achieve it. 5. I do not give up once I pay for advertising and I gave up very quickly. Just do not know what he was doing. Now I know why and I remain firm and consistent in paid advertising, which leads to the following … 6.

This is where many fail. Invest in a newsletter but do not know where it came from the client. Invest in advertising and do not know if it was bought through advertising. Finally. No measure their advertising, free or paid.

Mido everything! From my assistant to distribute my articles to the places where I put my items, alliances with others and my newsletter. I measure everything because my time is valuable and if it does not rule out this strategy. “Results of my investment? 12% of those who see my ad on Facebook they click. 24% of those who visit the landing page fall newsletter. 50% of those who enroll end up buying. In short: if I invest $ 100, I $ 200. If I invest $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. This is great! 🙂 Sure. Now we just have to keep changing to increase the percentages in all areas. That’s advertising. If it’s worth selling, it pays to measure … is my motto. But I confess: I still feel fear, but with this information in my hands I feel liberated because I know what you spend, if I measure regain consciousness. Would not you like to do the same? Do be 100% sure that when you invest in advertising, you will know for sure the results? Well, everything is a system, and so I wonder … How do you create an effective advertising campaign? What you say in the landing page to take action? What do you get the most out of people to buy what you sell? And how do you reduce advertising costs? Well this is my new service an hour Private Coaching. Visit this link now and let me guide you to more customers with less advertising costs and faster results.

Life Coaching

December 25, 2010


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I belonged again! During a panel discussion, someone mentioned the success he had when working with a life coach. Immediately, I thought to myself. As I learned more about what it was training, I thought it might be the push I needed to deal with my problems of accountability. After many failed attempts, I finally got the courage to call the trainer. The first two sessions were “antennas.” General questions and exchange background information. Over the next few months we have worked on my agenda, seeking a new career. Every week I returned, I knew my coach was there to see if I stuck to the plan.

I had a companion, someone to trust, and exchange ideas with someone as interested as I find an answer. The energy of our meetings took me week to week. Towards the end of one year from the thing certainly given me a career outside. We worked through dozens of possible scenarios together, but eventually come to “no.” I began to realize he was talking more about my experience as a coach than anything else. I felt compelled to tell everyone I know, and even some people not on how the process was powerful.

I was discovering things about myself that I never took the time to think. Then it occurred to me. Life-coaching – News ResultsObituaries for Dec. 23, 2010 The Union Democrat – Dec 23 04:34pmLake County Calendar Vernon Hills Review – Dec 23 02:16amInternet safety not a lost cause for parents Seattle Times – Dec 22 07:08pmPromotional ResultsMake Yahoo! Your Homepage’>Life Coaching had everything I was looking into a career. Just think, two years ago I did not know what a professional life coach was and now wanted to be one. I am happy to say I’ve spent the last year building my coaching practice. My goal is to go out every day and play at least one person through coaching skills. I do not regret not finding training before. I think we find things when we are ready, when our ears are open ojosy to see and hear. Life is much more rewarding when we are not sitting around waiting. For me it was like life coach who gave me the clarity and courage to take the next step. No matter who or what makes it possible for us to move forward as long as progress. My philosophy can be summed in a quote that I live, “Time passes and then is gone, so in the end all that matters is how we use it.” I look forward to all the truth-value life finding your calling, whatever it is. Anthony Grillo is a professional life coach and founder of Life Coaching moving based in New York. He specializes in working with passionate people to help them discover the path of life.

Learning Life Lessons

December 19, 2010


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Life is a game, each day we approach a new game, some win and others lose. It is important for us to question our behavior both in moments of triumph and in those in which we are losers. Let’s look if all our moves have been “clean” if we have not tripping because those who believe our opponents and adversaries. Gratifying is when life invites us to participate in a game and despite having lost internally feel that we have won, have you ever felt this?, It really is rather satisfactory since you realize you’ve outgrown the need to be flattered, externally approved and celebrated with this simple act of domestic private just pick up the flight to inner liberation from the chains that we may be binding to this world of superficialities, awards and honors. Continuing with the thought or reflection Losing You know? , To see life and its various situations such as games and games, we take the drama to less favorable situations and suspending all judgments, we watch and decided to surrender and accept the mistakes that have led to the temporary loss in eternity.

Learn to lose, requires us very, very humble and the other high dose of faith in the divinity, otherwise will resort to settling of accounts by our own hands and believe me in most of these adjustments our emotions make us make mistakes sometimes glaring, that we must recognize if we are to live in peace with our consciences. Play fair, lose with dignity, recognize our mistakes on that play to not make the same in the following, humility to apologize when we have been guided by our impulses without considering the consequences, at times after having exhausted all our resources to do justice, give up and put our faith in divine justice when we have been boycotted and deceived getting an undeserved defeat. Being able to observe objectively and compassionately car at the end of the day and with new strength to wake up and continue with the new cards that give us life and make the best use of them, and if at the end of the day, even though we have not won, we are not the target of the plaudits and awards, within us to overflow the satisfaction of having given the best we had at that time and celebrate with the One who created us, having taken a small step towards our personal and spiritual evolution, which has neither will ever have anything to do with what others do and say, but with your own intimate world and individual experience. And finally I want to share with you this thought scientist Pascal, French philosopher and writer: What does it profit a man to gain the world if he loses his soul? TUGS MARIA Economist Specialist Human Resource Management Strategic Management Coaching for Life Group can join the “prosperity: to live in abundance” through this link:

Professional Coach for SMEs

December 10, 2010


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Moreover, Malvicino Santiago says, that we believe that a professional coach for SMEs should be trained to guide a directory in the process of making decisions at a good coach defines the roles, goals and responsibilities before starting the relationship work, good coaching should get the best directory, help you move toward your goals and learn new skills. The characteristics of an effective coach are: listening, ability to questioning, analytical skills, knowing how to structure a good plan (and following) and the ability to connect to the board members to a continuous dialogue that results in the development of the entire organization. According to our experiences the coach to be effective must be willing to learn, be full, a good listener, assertive, improve business results and have a good sense of humor quotes Malvicino Take into account that a good coaching intervention begins in the directory of small and medium business and then goes down throughout the company. The first step in this process is to define the strategic, tactical and operational roles in the organization. If we analyze the organizational structure of any corporation to find: the shareholders who fulfill the role of providing the capital and in return receive a dividend, to the Directory from which emanates the company’s strategic policy, management from which comes the tactical and Finally, purely operational levels. a The fact that this here and now now, SMEs in the country should be open to new management styles, support of new tools such as coaching, giving way to a new organizational culture where all members know the role the company they represent, what expectations of your performance and the way of how the organization helps staff to grow, their needs, give way to develop their skills, abilities to ensure a productive atmosphere, successful business.